Five most memorable kids-in-trouble stories

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The story of eight-year-old Sean King, who made news for delivering a Martin Luther King speech while wearing blackface, is hardly the first time a local kid found himself in the spotlight for strange reasons.

We've collected five memorable moments from recent years. Count them down below.

Number 5: Was Sean King judged by the content of his character?

The younger King dressed up as MLK for a school project -- and he made it clear in media interviews that he didn't intend to offend anyone. Nevertheless, a number of teachers and students at the Colorado Springs-area school he attends were reportedly put off by a costume that extended to skin coloration.

In contrast, Sean's mom was miffed because her obviously sincere son was called into the principal's office, and presumably called on the carpet, for giving his all for an assignment. She's allegedly considering pulling him out of the school over the brouhaha.

The latest: The Kings want an apology from the school and the district, which is looking at creating a class to teach kids about racial stereotypes.

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