Photos: Top ten Passive-Aggressive Notes from Colorado

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passive aggressive notes cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Have you discovered The site is dedicated to hilarious scribblings from upset people who express their frustration in ways that range from teeth-gritted politeness to full-out rage -- and since it's searchable by location, we've collected our ten favorites from Colorado. Check them out below...but try not to lose your temper.

Number 10: Could you please be sick more quietly?

11 no coughing.jpg
Wonder if lozenges can also be used as earplugs....

Number 9: This might not be annoying if I wasn't so jacked up on coffee

7 englewood sweet n low note.jpg
In the right hands, a plastic spoon can be deadly.

Click to continue reading our countdown of the top ten Passive-Aggressive Notes from Colorado.

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