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We've all been out on bad dates -- but what's the worst? That question was asked in a funny Denver Yelp thread a while back, and participants responded with some doozies. We've illustrated our favorites and compiled them into a bad date top (bottom?) ten list -- one with a surprise happy ending! Count them down below, and if you've had an even more painful experience, feel free to share it in the comments section.

Number 10: The Force is strong with this one

darth vader photograph.jpg
"Went out with a guy who claimed Darth Vadar stayed at his house once, then said that people thought he was a liar because of his extreme intelligence. He then stalked me for a while, but finally went away."

Number 9: Puppy love

puppy love.jpg
"I was asked out for a date from this douche-bag that was in DU's construction management program. I remember he was upset because one of his roommates kicked his puppy in the face (WTF?) Long-story short, he admitted to me at the end of the date that he asked me out because he wanted "in" with my roommate; he really wanted to date her. Ouch. Of course, she had no interest, whatsover."

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Katie Schmoker
Katie Schmoker

I went on a date with a guy who was so nervous that he got black-out drunk. Meanwhile, I was stone-cold sober. He then insisted on driving home. When I stole his keys while distracting him with the worst kiss I've ever had, he proceeded to tell me he was a sniper for the marines, and would kill me for taking away his keys as soon as he had entry back into his car. I gave the keys to his friends and left a sobbing violent man in a parking lot yelling obscenities at me. I wasn't even going to wait for an apology, I blocked his number immediately upon return home and thanked my lucky stars that he didn't know where I lived.

Daniel Shalik
Daniel Shalik

Sounds like Dev found a match made in heaven lol

Dev Adams
Dev Adams

I had obtained two free tickets to the premiere of Borat at the Continental and asked my co-worker who I had a thing for to accompany me. He lived in West Wash Park and his car was in the shop, so I picked him up. We had planned on grabbing dinner by the theatre, then hitting up the film. As I get off I-25 on Hampden, the guy realizes that he forgot his wallet. I say that I have enough money, but he makes me drive back to his place so he can get it. This makes it too late to sit down for dinner, so we get Subway. We are standing in line for the movie, eating our sandwiches, when a theatre employee kicks us out for outside food. So we go around the building, shove the sandwiches down our hoodies, get back in line, and continue to eat by inching the sandwiches up through the neck hole of the hoodies. Once in the theatre, we loved the movie, but at the end, someone dumped an extra large cup's worth of soda down my back. When I dropped the guy off, he gave me a hug, and didn't even offer me a dry shirt to borrow. Not a horror story, but things could have gone smoother. Naturally, we have been together for eight years now. So things turned around...

Stacey Rogers
Stacey Rogers

From what I read #7 and 3 were worse than the dates they wrote about.

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