Videos: Crazy Denver lightning storm spawns DIA twister, flash flooding

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denver lightning storm june 6 and 7 2012.jpg
Videos below.
How'd you sleep last night? If your answer includes "uninterrupted," you're in the minority among residents from the Denver area south to Colorado Springs thanks to a series of severe storms that spawned flash flooding, tornado warnings (and a DIA twister), lightning blasts and more, as you can see by our video collection on view below. And storm chaser Reed Timmer says today could bring a sequel.

On his Facebook page, Timmer, who monitored the storm in a vehicle nicknamed "The Dominator," kept fans up to date with photos like this one, tagged with the line, "Hail 6+ inches deep!!! I've never seen anything like this!"

reed timmer photo 1.jpg
He also shared this photo, accompanied by this description: "Insane ice and mashed up hail caked under the shell of the Dominator like a snow storm. Hail must have been 8 inches deep!"

reed timmer photo 2.jpg
And about eight hours ago, he wrote, "Traffic accidents everywhere even on major highways south of Denver where several inches of hail fell from a near stationary family of supercells. Tomorrow looks even more significant for severe wx and tornadoes for eastern CO."

Swell. Here are a collection of videos depicting the mayhem, as shared by local YouTubers, with the first essentially confirming reports of a tornado, or close to one, near DIA. Stay safe! Stay dry!

Page down to see more videos of last night's crazy storm.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

I was asking myself the same question around midnight, Pamy. Thanks for the post.


I am 70 years old and never experience non stop lightening and thunder. The sky was continuously bright, the thunder never silenced, lightening patterns where not always straight, jagged normal patterns, but horizontal and circular, like a child trying to learn how to use an etch-a-sketch. What causes non stop lightening and thunder?


Today's top story, "Colorado sees big hailstorm". Tomorrows headline, "Sun really, really hot."


do you live where the storm was?  I do and if you where there last night you would be talking about it too.  The storm was slow moving and crazy strong.


Why are people acting like they've never seen a thunderstorm before?

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