Reader: Tuition and student loan relief for Americans should come before DREAM Act

Kelsey Whipple's coverage of a hunger strike and occupation of the Obama campaign's Denver headquarters has stirred up debate aplenty about the DREAM Act, which the protesters want instituted via executive order. Here's a comment from a reader who feels immigrants should have to wait in line behind natives when it comes to reform.

Guest writes:

American citizens need tuition relief and student loan forgiveness first! Although I have some sympathy for their plight, I just have to wonder why the issue isn't about giving Americans a break. I have a couple of teenagers and I am concerned about their future and whether they can go to college. The DREAM Act is divisive and will ultimately create resentment unless Americans can cut a break first. And also, can we afford it?
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Welcome to "Cali"rado. We see how well California is doing with illegal alien debt. Kiss this state goodbye.

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