Ten strange items FOUND Magazine found in Colorado

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Big photos below.
FOUND Magazine, and the books it inspired, are exactly what they sound like, except more glorious and way more voyeuristic. Fans send in context-free notes, letters and photos created by strangers and discovered in classrooms, on street corners and spaces in between -- and our fair state fares swimmingly in the strangeness department. Below, we've collected a list of the ten best Colorado finds on FOUND's website.

As you read through the list, curated by FOUND creators Davy and Peter Rothbart, know this: The brothers are heading to Denver on October 24 to discuss a new book of personal essays, a new album and, of course, a new issue of FOUND. How many Colorado discoveries will make the cut?

Number 10:

found website note 6.jpg
It's the stationery, borrowed from a Keebler elf during his lunch break at the cookie factory, that really speaks sincerity. The author is clearly beside hims(elf).

Number 9:

found website 7.jpg
The only negative aspect of this amazing photo is that by November 1966, this baby was already cooler than I will ever become in my entire life.

Page down to see more strange Colorado items found in FOUND Magazine.

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