Joe Coors for Congress spends big on Denver TV ads -- especially during The Big Bang Theory

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Joe Coors for Congress, Romney Launch.JPG
Sam Levin
Joe Coors, right, posing for a photo with voters at Mitt Romney's Colorado launch earlier this month.
Coors spokeswoman Michelle Yi sent Westword this statement yesterday afternoon in response to the ads:

This is Joe's first time running for office, while his opponent is a two-term state senator seeking his fourth term in Congress. These TV ads introduce Joe and his background as a manufacturer and job creator here in Jefferson County to a mass audience. We have less than 130 days to make the case for him to be the next Congressman for the Seventh Congressional District and these ads help to do just that.

It'll be interesting to see how much the Coors campaign spends later this summer and into the fall, when the race to unseat Perlmutter really heats up.

Below, you can find a clean summary of our notes on Coors's spending at each station. In it, you'll find the contract dates for each order, followed by the total number of spots, and the total gross amount.


5/29-6/4, 41 spots, $39,650

6/5-6/11, 37 spots, $41,550

6/12-6/18, 47 spots, $44,850

6/19-6/26, 45 spots, $52,550

6/27-7/2, 45 spots, $51,000


6/27-7/2,12 spots, $12,350

6/19-6/26, 11 spots, $11,900

6/12-6/18, 14 spots, $17,800

6/5-6/11, 18 spots, $17,200

5/29-6/4, 13 spots, $17,700

KWGN, i.e. The Big Bang Theory

5/29-6/4, 5 spots, $6,000

6/5-6/11, 5 spots, $6,000

6/12-6/18, 5 spots, $6,000

6/19-6/26, 4 spots, $4,800

6/27-7/2, 4 spots, $4,800

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