Kirsten Hamling allegedly stole $243K raised by Firefighter Calendar

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A firefighter smolders.
Not all of these events were enormous. For instance, the affidavit includes considerable dissection of a chili cook-off. But more damning are bank statements that allegedly showed Hamling ringing up a $700 bill to 24 Hour Fitness, charges related to a trip to Disneyland by the founder and her children, payments for the kids' private-school tuition, and cash expended on car repairs and a shopping trip to Nordstrom, a store that pops up in another list of receipts that employees saw as illegitimate. Also namechecked: Saks Fifth Avenue, Whole Foods and Comedy Works.

The comparative nickels and dimes detailed in the affidavit added up. In one section, the amount of money spent by Hamling for what's termed "personal use or expenses not related to FUFK" between March 2007 and June 2011 is calculated at more than $69,000. And that's not to mention an un-repaid $11,500 loan one woman gave to Hamling circa 2007 to help her out of dire financial straits -- a condition the former felt had been exaggerated when she visited Hamling's house and saw "brand new stainless steel appliances and a new granite countertop."

There's also an estimate of income not included on tax returns between 2007 and 2009 -- about $150,000 worth. As such, Hamling is said to owe the State of Colorado an additional $7,000, bringing the total amount of restitution for which she's on the hook to just north of a quarter-million dollars.

This bill is accompanied by a bevy of criminal charges: thirteen counts of theft, four counts of charitable fraud, three counts of filing a false tax return, two counts of failure to file a tax return and one count of attempting to influence a public servant.

Hamling was formally charged and arrested by Glendale Police this week, resulting in a pair of mug shots on view below. They're followed by the aforementioned affidavit -- all 48 pages of it -- plus photos from and coverage of last August's calendar launch party by Westword contributor Amber Taufen. Finally, we've also included a CBS4 report broadcast last November.

kirsten hamling mug shot one.jpg
Kirsten Hamling.

kirsten hamling mug shot two.jpg
A side view of Hamling.

Kirsten Hamling Arrest Warrant Affidavit

Launch party coverage: Text by Amber Taufen

December 2011: Charlie Karl

Charlie is a disabled vet with daughters; Erica asked him what advice about boys he'd give the little ones, and he responded: "Stay away!"

Calendar note: "Merry X-Mas, keep warm!"

Page down to see more of Amber Taufen's coverage of the August calendar launch party.

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