Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: GearBox stash box

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Stoner Mac.
Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games. We showcase them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver.

The latest? GearBox stash box.

What is it, dude? A hard-shell plastic case with padded lining. (Some people might call it a pistol case.)

How much coin will it run me? $28 for the small box, $48 for the larger one.

Where can I get one? as well as several dispensaries: High Level Health, Riverside Wellness, Botanico, Kind Love, Kind Meds, Alameda Wellness, The Herbal Cure and Doctor's Orders.

Okay, I'll get right to it and say what you're already thinking: The design of the GearBox is no different than any number of padded gun cases on the market. It's similar to boxes made by companies like Pelican, Vanguard and Plano and pretty much serves the same purpose in keeping your valuables safe.

But to us here at Stoner MacGyver, the GearBox has one advantage over those other companies: It's made right here in Colorado.

The company bills the boxes as a way to keep your meds secure in your own home. I don't have any kids, so I'm not really concerned with that issue -- yet. But one of the box's key functions is definitely to prevent the curious hands of children from grabbing pipes and herb. Holes near the latches on both boxes are big enough for a pad or key lock. The cases are also pretty damn heavy-duty feeling as well, with thick latches and considerable weight for such a small box.

Both are made of thick ABS plastic and lined with foam. The smaller one is about eight inches long by four inches thick and deep. It isn't thickly padded on the inside, and I wouldn't suggest putting fragile pipes inside and then shaking the GearBox around. But it's great for locking up your meds and a pipe for storage at home.

The larger box, on the other hand, is tornado-proof.

Page down for the rest of the review, more photos and a contest to win a GearBox of your own.

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