Roy Dunn shouldn't have lost that cell phone with child porn on it....

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Big photo below.
If we misplace a phone, we know there's a mighty good chance that whoever finds it will take an opportunity to snoop -- with the best intentions, no doubt! And most of us don't store anything that embarrassing, let alone objectionable. Roy Dunn isn't most of us, though, as evidenced by the digital child porn he allegedly carried in his pocket, which led to his arrest.

The details are contained in the arrest affidavit on view below. The document notes that at about 6 p.m. on May 22, a parking valet at Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center stopped by the concierge office to drop off a cell phone he'd found earlier in the day. The gadget rang once while it was in his possession, with the incoming call listed as coming from "Mom."

Some time later, the concierge-office staffer began looking through the phone, and she soon discovered what are described as photos and videos of children in sexual poses and situations.

The approximate age range? Four to thirteen.

When a Denver Police detective obtained the phone, he soon discovered that beyond the AnnaSophia Robb screen saver lurked plenty of horrific images, including ones featuring children being assaulted by adult men.

That same day, Dunn -- accompanied by Viola Dunn, presumably the "Mom" from the earlier call (she was born in 1925) -- stopped by the hospital to pick up his phone. But security couldn't find it, for obvious reasons. Once the pair left, police checked surveillance footage to confirm his identity.

That was more than enough to establish probable cause for Dunn's arrest, as well as his subsequent charging on two sexual-exploitation-of-a-child counts. He's next due in court on June 13 -- and we're guessing that he won't be bringing a phone along with him.

Here's a larger look at Dunn's mug shot, followed by the affidavit.

roy dunn mug shot.jpg
Roy Dunn.

Roy Dunn Arrest Affidavit

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