Super PAC backing Obama pouring more money into Denver TV ads than Romney's

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Earlier this week, Westword stopped by Fox31 (KDVR) and CW Channel 2 (KWGN), partner stations located in the same building down the street from KUSA. The trend for Restore and Priorities spending there was essentially the same.

At KDVR, Restore had only two orders, giving them a combined total of sixteen spots, costing $13,375. The ads also cover a short period over the last two weeks of June.

Priorities USA Ad.png
Priorities USA ad attacking Romney.
That's a pretty small buy compared to Priorities' six ad orders, totaling 204 spots and costing $60,375.

At KWGN, Priorities also had six orders, buying the group 157 spots, costing a total of $46,150.

Interestingly, Restore so far is not airing any ads at KWGN, which, as we noted in our previous post on spending, has no official ads from the Romney campaign, either.

In response to an inquiry from Westword, Bill Burton, senior strategist for Priorities USA Action, sent along this statement:

We've invested significantly in Denver because Colorado voters are deeply concerned about Romney's record of profiting from the failure of companies and the elimination of promised health benefits. Romney and his firm made over $100 million from a company that went bankrupt and fired 275 Colorado workers.

A spokeswoman for Restore told us that the PAC doesn't comment on strategy.

As we'll be doing with all of our reports on local ad spending, we are including clean summaries of our notes for each station, to let you see for yourself exactly what the buys from the super PACs look like. Below you'll find the contract dates for each order, followed by the total number of spots, and the total gross amount.


Restore Our Future (backing Romney)

4/30-5/9, 25 spots, $26,300

4/30-5/16, 25 spots, $26,300

Priorities USA Action (backing Obama)

6/12-6/18, 24 spots, $27,150

6/5/12-6/11, 17 spots, $22,925

6/19-6/25, 24 spots, $29,200

5/29-6/4, 30 spots, $24,500

4/30-5/27, 34 spots, $32,025

4/30-5/21, 43 spots, $40,475

4/30-5/14, 16 spots, $17,250


Restore Our Future

6/20 - 6/25, 9 spots, $7,975

6/26 - 6/30, 7 spots, $5,400

Priorities USA Action

6/19-6/25, 33 spots, $14,325

6/12-6/18, 39 spots, $14,825

6/5-6/11, 34 spots, $14,075

5/29-6/4, 28 spots, $4,900

5/22-5/28, 35 spots, $6,125

5/15-5/21, 35 spots, $6,125


Restore Our Future


Priorities USA Action

6/19-6/25, 8 spots, $3,200

6/12-6/18, 8 spots, $3,200

6/5-6/12, 8 spots, $3,200

5/29-6/4, 37 spots, $10,450

5/22-5/28, 48 spots, $13,050

5/15-5/21, 48 spots, $13,050

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