Photos, videos: Top 10 fireworks you shouldn't bring from Wyoming to Colorado

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Pics, videos below.
For certain Colorado boys and girls (many, if not most, of them adults), driving to Wyoming to get crazy July 4th fireworks not allowed here is something of an annual tradition -- although not this year, we hope. Given blazes like the High Park fire and the Waldo Canyon fire, fireworks bans are in place, and you can bet they'll be strictly enforced -- meaning the best way to see illegal (in Colorado) fireworks is in this post. And man, do the following ones qualify.

These images, videos and descriptions come courtesy of Phantom Fireworks, which has loads of Wyoming locations. Look below to count down our picks for the ten most explosive items we spotted in the Phantom catalog below. But remember: Look, don't light.

Number 10: Urban Warrior

urban warrior.jpg
Price: $89.99
Description: "A popular item since its introduction a couple of years ago, the Urban Warrior has four separate effects that repeat throughout the 25 shots. A gold comet breaks to a gold willow with red stars; a green tail to a brocade crown effect; a silver tail to a red palm; and a crackling tail to a willow with red stars."

Number 9: Aerial Avalanche

aerial avalanche.jpg
Price: $89.99
Description: "The main draw to the Aerial Avalanche is the killer strobe effects. A green strobing tail shoots first, followed by a silver strobing tail crackling. Green and silver strobe willows alternate to a crackle willow finale, topped off by a great green crackle."

Page down to see more of our top 10 fireworks you shouldn't bring from Wyoming to Colorado.

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