Top ten phrases Loveland should ban next

bare naked cropped.jpg
One below's NSFW.
This week, Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill reportedly banned a series of words and phrases from official communication -- mostly meaningless terms such as "orientate," "proactive," "paradigm" and (!) "skillage." It's a good start -- but it turns out Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, has been doing something similar since 1976. Here are our ten faves from the LSSU list, photo-illustrated for your pleasure. Check them out -- but for God's sake, don't say them!

Number 10: "Pet parent" -- although in this case, it's not so bad, since there definitely is a resemblance....

pet parent.jpg

Number 9: "Captured alive" -- because capturing someone dead isn't really much of a challenge.

captured alive.jpg
Click to keep counting down our top ten phrases Loveland should outlaw next.

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