Ten weird Denver definitions in the Urban Dictionary

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In the name of all that is holy, do not search "Denver" on Most of what you'll find -- and what we did find -- are what we'll simply call very open-minded sexual acts, but that is a different list entirely. Instead, Westword did the dirty (dirty) work for you, delving into the depths of the Internet to uncover the semi-serious slang site's greatest (and strangest) tributes to our fair city's name. Ed note: We sincerely hope that not all of these are real things. You'll see why.

10. Denver air

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Urban Dictionary definition: "When someone is acting strange, showing odd behavior that is unlike themself. Caused from the effects (of) high altitude found in such cities as Denver, Colorado."
Westword example: "Did you see Korn's lead singer huff out of an oxygen tank on stage? Must be the Denver air!"

9. Denver Nugget

bathroom towel.jpg
Urban Dictionary definition: "A salacious prank intended in the same spirit as an Upper Decker in which the perpetrator uses the restroom and proceeds to wipe himself with a nearby washcloth or decorative towel in attempts to clog the toilet and leave a messy surprise for the owner."
Westword example: "In his narration of the inner circles of hell, Dante somehow neglected to mention that the 'Denver Nugget' is apparently a thing."

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Cherry Sound Records in Denver records The Mayor and all the sounds at DIA...

including some badass Colorado music



Another hard-hitting story from the brilliant minds at Westword... keep up the awesome reporting.

Christopher Johnston
Christopher Johnston

As a new immigrant (Oct 11), I truly think people who haven't lived here don't understand it. They think "ooooh, Denver... .lots of snow, cold hard winters like Montana and hot humid summers like Phoenix".... WRONG.  But, we don't tell them, so they will LEAVE.  The true hidden secret of Denver is the weather, and then comes the people.  Such a friendly and fun town, and as is referenced in the article.  the weed is the SH*T!

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