Reader: Prison-issued electric shavers make AWESOME vibrators

Alan Prendergast recently shared a letter from an incarcerated woman concerned that fellow inmates were using prison-issued electric shavers for vibrators and tattoo tools.

In response, we heard from another woman who's spent time behind bars, and she offers a heartfelt testimonial for the tool's alternative uses.

Dominilewis Com writes:

I was at DW when they started giving out the electric razors. And the funny thing is when I saw it, took it apart, I thought of two things: vibrator and tattoo gun. Yeah, it was shitty to shave with, but for the vib...AWESOME! Since they do a lot of rounds, it was quicker and safer than getting caught sexin' with your celly (PREA anyone want a candy bar or cup of coffee with all the fixins?). Hell, there was even someone who used the screen to smoke crack! Yeah, it was a good idea, because a lot of the women in there cut, (I didn't even know what the hell a cutter was until I went to the joint), but I doubt they saw us coming up with the shit they gave us. In prison, you can make a whole meal from a pack of noodles, chips, beef stick and a plastic bag. So why wouldn't they think of something that has a charger?
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