Ten more weird movie references to Colorado

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Earlier this month, when we shared a post featuring ten weird movie references to Colorado, we asked if there were any of your favorites we'd missed.

Turns out there were plenty -- more than enough for another great collection, featuring everyone from Jack Nicholson and Marilyn Monroe to Robert Downey Jr. and Will Ferrell. Check them out below, complete with photos and links to the scripts.

Number 10: Jerry Maguire

jerry maguire.jpg
Matt: What happened to Denver?
Jerry: Denver got very silent about a day ago. San Diego's got a fever for Cush. This stuff tends to happen the night before a draft. People get crazy.

Number 9: Saving Private Ryan

saving private ryan.jpg
Wade: I'm Wade, that's spelled W-A-D-E. I'm small but wiry, with piercing, steel-gray eyes and a rough-hewn but handsome face, I'm from Colorado, my father's a mining engineer, don't you take notes?

Page down to see more of our ten weird movie references to Colorado.

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Nate Gravy
Nate Gravy

I thought this was the speech given in Byers about Riotfest?

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