Photos: Meet Hugo, newborn son of Caleb Medley, wounded in Aurora theater shooting

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Big photos below.
Update: Yesterday, in an item below, we shared the story of Caleb Medley, a budding stand-up comic horribly wounded in the Aurora theater shootings. He attended the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises with his wife, Katie, only days before she was due to deliver their first child, and we're thrilled to report that a baby named Hugo Jackson Medley was born shortly after our post appeared. Here's a look at this beautiful child and his mom.

1 katie and hugo medley.jpg
This photo, and the ones below, were shared on the Support Caleb Medley Facebook page, which serves a slew of purposes, including raising funds for Caleb's treatment and recovery (nearly $200,000 has been pledged to date) and keeping friends, loved ones and just plain folks up to date on the Medley family in the wake of Friday's tragedy.

Here's a note about Hugo's arrival, after a mere 36 hours of labor, and Caleb's condition:

Just an update, Caleb is still in critical condition, but is stable and is showing multiple signs of improvement. Caleb has been to three surgeries so far, and is looking better every day. Katie has had her baby, Hugo, at 0711 this morning, he is 7 lbs 4 oz, 18 ½ inches long, and looks very healthy! Katie took Hugo down to the ICU hours after birth to share a moment with her husband Caleb (who is still in a medically induced coma). Caleb showed signs that he could recognize that Katie and his newborn son were with him in the room. His blood pressure rose, his pulse rose, and he was squeezing Katie's hand harder than he has since he's been in the hospital.

Obviously, Caleb faces a long and uncertain road. But at least he will have Katie and Hugo to accompany him. Here are more photos of the latest Medley.

2 katie and hugo medley.jpg

3 katie and hugo medley.jpg

4 hugo medley.jpg

5 hugo medley.jpg

6 katie and hugo medley.jpg
Page down to read our previous coverage, featuring Caleb and Katie Medley's story.

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Happy Birthday Hugo. Sorry about the circumstances.


This guy doesn't have insurance or ANYTHING !

The added difficulties and issues w/ a new baby.

THIS IS THE GUY I WANT TO REACH OUT TO, AND HELP ! I wish I could for everyone but It's like picking your shots. Being a FAILED stand-up, it really hits home.

I am trying to get a small lot somewhere and encourage ALL who are having yard or garage sales, to come join this one and donate ALL proceeds !!! 

I am already making calls and can use ALL the help I can get. Please email me if you can help or would like to bring items to the sale.

Tyler Hawkins / Juan Leg

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



If the Repiglikkkans hadn't blocked Obama's Universal Health Care, this gut would have insurance ... and would everyone in the U$A.



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