Aurora theater shooting: Deadmau5 rips Playboy model for heartless tweet

deadmau5 colorado flag head.jpg
Deadmau5 in 2010.
Shortly after news broke about the Aurora theater shooting at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Playboy model Tricia Evans tweeted, "I heard the new Batman movie is really 'to die for'! Too soon?" The answer to that question was "definitely" for Deadmau5, an electronic-dance music titan who's a big Colorado favorite. The resulting Twitter back-and-forth reveals plenty about the cultural impact this horrible event is having nationwide. Get the whole story in Dave Herrera's "Deadmau5 disses Playboy model Tricia Evans for her tweet joking about Batman shooting" on our Backbeat blog.

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That picture is not Deadmau5, and he is not known for wearing a Colorado state flag mau5-head. That is a custom-made ornament.


I used to shag her but not anymore ....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Please Michael, 


We're all dying to hear what Jessica Simpson and Lady CaCa are tweeting about this tragedy.



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