Aurora theater shooting: Ed Perlmutter and the challenge of talking about gun control

"From Columbine to Gabby Giffords getting shot to this -- and then Virginia Tech a little farther away -- we've had a number of these mass killings," says Perlmutter. He adds that while his number one focus in office is still on jobs, the issue of guns is a huge priority.

He also reiterates what he said on Sunday -- that this topic is very much something Congress needs to tackle. "It's a legislative issue," he says.

He says he generally agrees with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has been perhaps the most vocal high-profile official to speak out on gun control after the Aurora shootings, specifically calling on Obama and Romney to offer concrete solutions. But Perlmutter says that it's important to pressure Congress and the officials who have the power to write legislation.

Perlmutter says this idea also applies to governors, when asked for his take on Hickenlooper's response. "The governor is in an executive position just as the president is in an executive position. They are responsible for enforcing law."

He adds, "The governor...has been one tremendous leader in a very hard summer for Colorado.... I'm so proud of him."

While he is starting to have these conversations, Perlmutter says foremost on his mind is still the immediate pain of the event.

"We need to mourn and grieve, and we are, and everybody is," he says. "I can't tell you how many funerals I've got in the next couple of days."

Joe Coors for Congress, Romney Launch.JPG
Sam Levin
Joe Coors, running for Congress against Perlmutter, at a Romney event earlier this summer.
The staff working for Joe Coors, the Republican congressional candidate hoping to unseat Perlmutter, declined to make the candidate -- who nabbed the endorsement of the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund earlier this month -- available for an interview on the matter.

His spokeswoman, Michelle Yi, sent along the statement Coors issued last Friday, as news broke about the attack.

Words can't capture the horror and tragedy of the shooting this morning in Aurora. The families and loved ones of the victims, as well as the emergency and medical professionals are in mine and Gail's thoughts and prayers.

She also shared this one about gun control, attributed directly to Yi:

Right now, our campaign is focused on giving the victims' families and loved ones a time to mourn. There will be a time to debate the issues, but for now, we need to continue to pray for everyone affected by the Aurora Shooting.

Here's the video of Perlmutter on Face the Nation.

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Finally someone in Government with enough Balls to say it like it is, and address issues as opposed to talking around the issues. Perlmutter is a stud and Colorado is lucky to have him in office.


Hunting, self defense,  why don't people mention sport shooting and fun. It is an Olympic sport after all. The federal "assault weapon" ban was a failure, it banned the appearance of guns such as flash suppressers. Many cities have stricter laws in place than the "assault weapon" ban and violence, including gun crimes have not been affected. Underage kids acquired "assault weapons" during the last federal ban and killed a bunch of people at Columbine. Laws against crime provide an avenue to punish people who break the law, laws against guns punish people who don't break the law.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @Monkey Interesting viewpoint, Monkey. As always, thanks.

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