Aurora theater shooting: Couple who escaped Century 16 having their first child

Jeremiah and Lindsay Wheelersburg.jpeg
Jeremiah and Lindsay.
Three days after Jeremiah and Lindsay Wheelersburg escaped the Century 16 shootings in Aurora unharmed, the couple got some unexpected news: They are having their first child.

For the pair from Aurora, it's strange and wonderful news that gives them new perspective on one of their most traumatic experiences.

"The Lord brings beauty from ashes," says Lindsay, 26. "Even in the midst of tragedy and so much lost life, the very next day, the Lord created life as well. It's kind of been helpful for me to cope with it. I've been playing the scene that night over and over in mind. I've got this to replace all that."

Jeremiah and Lindsay Wheelersburg, Facebook photo.jpeg
Jeremiah and Lindsay Wheelersburg
The couple, who met at Calvary Chapel Aurora and now lives in Lake Tahoe, California, got one of the final tickets for the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises late Thursday night last week. They were part of a group of more than thirty church members who bought tickets to the screening and ended up in theater eight, next door to theater nine, where accused gunman James Holmes eventually fired shots that killed twelve individuals and injured dozens more.

We spoke to Jeremiah, 25, on Friday outside of Gateway High School, where he and his brother Joel, a youth pastor in Aurora, had come the following morning to offer support to some of the survivors and witnesses recovering from the tragedy. At the time, Jeremiah told us that one of the scariest parts of the whole experience was the image of his wife panicking.

When we checked up with him yesterday to see how he and his family were recovering, he revealed that he and Lindsay would be having their first child.

"There's hope," he says. "There's new life. There's hope in that sense. It's strange to be able to rejoice over that."

Jeremiah has recounted some of his experiences at the shooting on his J.N. Wheels blog. Here's a short excerpt from Jeremiah's detailed account:

At the moment all I cared about was staying close to my brother and Lindsay. All I wanted was for these two people who I loved more than my own life, to make it out of here alive. "Joel!" I shouted. He was standing nearby. Together we looked below, looked at the staircases, looked behind us. More blood. It looked as though some people were running back up the staircase to the left. "We need to go!" So made our way quickly down the right staircase as you look out toward the parking lot. This all felt like a horrible scene from a movie that we had somehow become a part of. We were living the movie out and we could not escape this reality.

Days later, it is still extremely difficult for people who were at the theater, and those in the larger community, to come to terms with the event and to try and make sense of it -- and Jeremiah, who used to be a pastor in Aurora before he moved to California, has been doing outreach work and offering support to victims' families and other witnesses who survived the shootings but are dealing with post-traumatic stress.

Page down to read more of the couple's experiences and reflections.

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The alleged shooter is Jewish and black people and Jewish people got out unscathed. Funny how that works. White people were an obvious target of this police psyop.


Why do Jesus Freaks give Jesus all of the credit for the good things in life, but never blame him for the worst atrocities?




Fair question, the simple answer is that God/Jesus allows evil to co-exist within our world.  Satan/Lucifer God's greatest angel that rebelled is the author of all human evil and suffering.


Followers of Christ rightly give God credit for what good there is, despite the presence of evil in this world. 


To be clear and anticipating some other theological questions, God has sovereignly chosen to allow the continued existence of Satan, and allows him to tempt all humans to do evil.


That is the backdrop of all human history from a Judeo-Christian view. 


The end game is that Christ paid the penalty of our failure, rightly appeasing the justice aspect of human evil and sin, and by faith allows any person to receive His gift of pardon.  An unmerited act of grace and mercy on God's part.


One day in the fullness of God's time, He will call Satan and all others to account for their evil. Those in Christ? Pardoned.


 @danwilvers Okay.  Follow-up question: Why would anyone worship an entity that has the power to prevent tragedies such as the Aurora theater shootings but doesn't?  I mean, really, we're going to idolize a shitbag like that?



I'm sure you are quite amazing Larry, as you are created in God's image.


as for following you I'll need the evidence of creation abilities, the ability to forecast the future and the evidence to show where this has already taken place. (See Book of daniel, Isaiah 55 and juxtapose that with the evidence of the dead sea scrolls) and while you're at it perhaps you could heal the sick, cure the leper, make the lame to walk, give sight to the blind, and raise the dead.


oh yea being willing to die for your enemy as well, then i may consider following you sir.  Until then we'll just stick with the fact that parts of you are amazing. 


Peace my brother.


 @danwilvers So God isn't evil because God says he isn't evil.  Oookay then.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I'm the most amazing person ever, and you'd be better off if you gave me all of your money and arranged for your wife/girlfriend and me to have conjugal relations.  It's true, because I said it.



you got it.


Thad you need to grasp the other part of the story, that it was through suffering that the Son was made perfect.


Jesus said, "In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart I have overcome the world."


It appears to me that many want either a god of their own making or no god at all because they believe themselves to be the arbiters of how life should function.


Simply because one can't reason God's plan with evil, doesn't make it any less plausible.


 In fact when one factors eternal life into the equation one can easily assimilate the game plan on earth and the why's of God allowing evil for a season.


One day it will be righted.


we are not god, we are mortal, one day we will die.  

Only Jesus can save us from spiritual death.








 @danwilvers Larry: "So this God guy could stop all the evil in this world?"

Dan: "Definitely!  That'd be no problem for God."

Larry:  "Why doesn't he do it then?"

Dan: "'Cause he doesn't want to do it."

Larry: "And you still think this God is a good guy?"

Dan: "For sure!"





in simplest terms larry I will worship Him because He is God, regardless of how I might feel about His plans.


To answer you last question; No He is not evil because He declares he isn't in His Word. Sending His Son to die for you and I is proof enough of His love.  


Whether or not you are able to grasp how He allows evil to exist isn't the issue.  The issue is He is who He is, you chose what you will do with Him.  He gives you that right.   As for me and my house?  We will serve Him.


I'd be happy to put in a good word for you if you'd like.


 @danwilvers I think you're not answering the question.  The question is: why worship an entity that could prevent evil but doesn't do so?  (Is not such an entity evil itself?)





Sounds to me like He holds all the cards, and if He deems it worthwhile to allow evil to exist, then whether or not I like it is quite superfluous, don't you think?

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