Aurora theater shooting: Rebecca Wingo's loved ones remember her online

rebecca wingo.jpg
Rebecca Wingo.
The sudden proliferation of James Holmes Facebook tribute pages exemplifies the outlets for venom the Internet provides in the wake of tragedies like the Aurora theater shootings.

But the web can also serve as a valuable gathering place for people in mourning, as witnessed by a far more positive Facebook destination: Rebecca Wingo -- In Memory.

As detailed in this 7News mini-bio, Wingo is originally from Quinlan, Texas, about 65 miles from Dallas. After moving to Colorado, she worked a restaurant job before landing a gig at a mobile medical imaging firm a couple of months ago. She was mom to two daughters, with the youngest having recently started kindergarten, and beloved child of a father who adored her.

"I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man, my grief right now is inconsolable," Steve Hernandez wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend. "I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable, Lord why, why, why?"

The Facebook page set up in Wingo's memory features raw emotion like this. But there are also upbeat images like this one....

rebecca wingo photo.jpg
...and this one....

rebecca wingo photo 2.jpg
Just as important is a link to a page set up to raise money for the support of the little girls Rebecca left behind. The site includes updates like this one related to President Barack Obama's visit to Colorado yesterday to speak with the family and loved ones of shooting victims:

The girls and their family were graced by President Obama a few hours ago. He greeted them, brought them some stuff, and had a long talk with them. The family was sounding much better and was so happy to hear the new totals of what has been given so far. The family will be looking over comments so keep them coming, don't be shy. Please continue to share this site as well to get us closer to and surpass the goal. We have been trying every outlet I can think of to spread the word, and 2000 heads can think better than one.

At this writing, more than $8,000 has been raised for a cause far better than lionizing the person who brought so much senseless agony to so many people.

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If Chambers only gave Patrick Sullivan 30 days,

is there any chance of Holmes getting 180 days ?

He'll claim to be apologetic and was in the wrong theater.

He was looking for, 'Ted'.

He has a TREATABLE stuffed-animal phobia,

and was off his meds...


I KNOW Chambers will cover up all ballistics !

I recall very well hearing over the scanners officers screaming they couldn't see & needed gas masks. You can also PLAINLY hear at LEAST nine DIFFERENT shots going off, all by one gunman ???

I do NOT think do nor do I believe we will EVER be told otherwise.

His apartment 'raid' was a joke.

The 'BLOWN UP' devices found were actually all the fireworks APD had collected over the month.

Don't trust SHIT they tell you.

Chambers involved, says it all....

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