Reader: 34 Broncos arrests since 2000 another argument for better role models

Yesterday, we shared a photo post of 34 Broncos arrests since 2000 -- the third most of any NFL team over that period. Many of those busted are no longer on the team (like Laurence Maroney, seen here), and some players were booked multiple times (Brandon Marshall topped the roster, with four). Still, the results didn't inspire one reader to cheer.

Idiocracy in America writes:

It's pathetic these are the delinquents Americans call their heroes.... Just image if children aspired to be more like scientists, doctors and teachers. The great American decline....

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The U$A worships Neanderthal Thugs.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

It's pathetic that this Comment of the Day is one from which most of the reasoning and conclusions have been ommitted deliberately (by the substitution for them of ellipses).  You infer that the author intended to make "another argument for better role models", but that argument is entirely missing from the comment.  What does this perceived need for better role models have to do with the way sports franchises select the best players?  Nothing -- and the comment does not even address the subject, much less make any suggestion as to how to effect changes for the better.  Ditch the Comment of the Day and hope that at least one comment a week attains to a level of interest worthy of reproducing it as Comment of the Week.

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