David Sirota will have to get conservatives to call if show with Michael Brown is to succeed

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David Sirota.
Denver blog posts make those miracles happen.

Big Media's Jason Salzman thinks David Sirota will uphold progressive values better than did Craig Silverman when he teams with Michael Brown on KHOW today. But will right wingers listen?

Burning Down the House's Andi brings together home and Tolkein.

At People's Press Collective, Brian T. Schwartz has some ideas about why health care costs so much.

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Two days into The Rundown with Sirota & Brown and it's already a yawning bore fest. There's absolutely no juice and no synergy to this show. Two guys who like to listen to themselves bloviate - not much better than Dan "Living in a Dream" Caplis and Craig "Alan Colmes" Silverman. Still waiting to see if Caplis pops up on The Old Time Gospel Hour or Focus on the Family.

Sickum Frank
Sickum Frank

Anything is better than Kaplis Tebowing and Pro-Lifing telling how bad the economy is for himself  in his 2.5 million dollar crib down the block from Elway. Silverman was the guy we all made fun of in 4th grade, and we still laugh when he talks. S&B are a bore. Sounds like a Tulsa talk show host and a weekend KOA bore-yapper.

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