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Thanks to a statewide fireworks ban, Independence Day could be a real downer for most of Colorado's children and pyromaniacs. Luckily, there are options -- some of which can be made at home in your kitchen! Searching for homemade explosives is a good way to get a virus on your computer -- so we've saved you the risk by collecting our favorite alternatives to 4th of July fireworks. Check them out below -- or else catch fireflies in a jar or bust out the glow sticks (if you're a gigantic pussy, that is).

Number 8: Dry ice bomb

Most people bought cigarettes and porn on their 18th birthday. And then there are those of us who bought dry ice so we could blow shit up and burn off our skin. This little bomb is made by adding dry ice to a container filled with a bit of water and closing the lid tightly.

Number 7: Baking soda and vinegar volcano

You must build a giant paper-mache volcano, fill it with baking soda and red food coloring and scream, "We're surrounded by liquid hot magma!" as you pour vinegar into it.

Number 6: Civil War reenactment

Via Daniel Schwen
"But this is Colorado: Civil War reenactments don't happen here, right?" False. Old men are everywhere. And you're not a true patriot until you've been to a Civil War reenactment. Exploding cannons, the smell of gun powder and old war uniforms: What could be better on a hot July day?

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