Fracking: Website tries to show oil and drilling are great for Colorado

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Oil and drilling do wonderful things for Colorado, and government better stay out of the industry's way.

This seems to be an underlying message behind a new web portal launched this week by the Western Energy Alliance, a Colorado-based group that represents hundreds of oil and gas companies in the west. The interactive site shows users just how much economic development and and how many jobs come from this industry.

The site includes a map of the country that lets viewers click on specific states to see the economic impacts of the industry.

The announcement of the interactive site times well with news this week that the Aurora City Council has voted to "lease" water to Houston-based Anadarko Petroleum Corp., which will use it for hydraulic fracturing.

And the information on the site could be used to defend these kinds of deals -- and to tell the fracking foes to back off.

The Western Energy Alliance reports that the western oil and natural gas exploration and production industry employs 229,150 workers nationwide and generates over $51 billion in economic impact across the country, "revealing its far-reaching benefit as a cornerstone of the U.S. economy." The press release unveiling the portal says that this sector provides over $15.5 billion in wages to American families and nearly $13 billion in taxes annually.

"People are aware of the large economic impact, but this is a tool that specifically enables someone to see down to the congressional district level where those jobs and economic activity [are]," says Kathleen Sgamma, vice president of government and public affairs for the Western Energy Alliance.

And according to the portal's handy-dandy tools, Colorado is number one in three main categories.

The state is at the top of the list for "total industry ranked by jobs," with 48,898 positions, as well as number one based on economic output -- $13,234,182.80. Colorado is also in first place for wages, at $5,152,783.69. Behind Colorado in these categories are Wyoming, New Mexico and North Dakota.

"What's interesting about Colorado is it's a regional hub," says Sgamma. "Here in Denver...they'll have headquarters here even if they don't operate here...because it's such a desirable location."

In the congressional district represented by Diana DeGette, which includes Denver, the site shows that there are more than 4,000 jobs in drilling and production, accounting for $437,861,100 in wages and an output of $1,077,706,100. And in this district, the total economic output, including supplier economic impact, is estimated at $3,163,821,900.

When asked if the site and data are meant to respond to concerns of fracking (like this), Sgamma says, "There's always the possibility for overregulation and government bureaucracy to prevent job creation and economic activity. When you have counties and cities making it difficult for the industry to operate, then at some point, they're just gonna say, 'I'm going to go elsewhere.'"

That's what makes the site such a useful tool for the alliance, she says. "This is going to enable us to say...'Okay, you want to put in this new regulation or this new tax on the industry? That's gonna cost...this many jobs and economic activity.'"

Sgamma also defends against fracking criticisms, saying, "We worked extremely hard over the last couple of decades to make sure our environmental footprint is as low as possible. We've improved technology to make processes more safe...fewer air emissions. Fracking itself has an exemplary safety record."

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Willard M
Willard M

Furthermore, every single 'distribution and collection' job in western Colorado (3rd CD), pays over $350,000 a year.   This is what you call unadulterated bullshit.  Just because someone put numbers in a table doesn't mean they have merit. 'Gas refining' pays even better!  Almost $500,000 for every job! Is there a reporter in the word that actually looked at these numbers?  Are we really to believe that 269 'distribution and collection' jobs in CO paid out almost $95 million in annual wages? 

Willard M
Willard M

Well, clearly CO driller's constant whine about pesky citizens that want clean air and water is a bit over the top then, isn't it?  Sounds like the business is doing just fine here. And, furthermore, we can then find that the shameless sycophants (otherwise known as Colorado's Congressional Republicans) that live and labor but to do industry's bidding, parroting back, and holding-dog-and-pony shows to provide platform for, the pity-me rhetoric industry--always the poor pitiful weak and maligned victim of those who would require good planning and sound management and thus thwart rightful mega-returns to faraway shareholders and mythical job creators; are wasting our time--CO is number one.  Cory and Scott and Mike and that embarrassment who's name I cannot quite recall since he has never really done anything other than cash his taxpayer-funded check,  are squandering time and US treasure to simply hand over more publicly owned resources--lands and minerals--to the richest industry on earth.  But, even though CO is ahead you will hear the whine keep coming... Privatizing profits, socializing costs and damage and declining health--the GOP way.

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

The U$A deserves the current energy disaster it suffers.

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