Aurora theater shooting: James Holmes's apartment is booby-trapped, police chief says

"His apartment is apparently booby-trapped."

Those were the words of Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates moments ago as he briefed the press about the apartment of James Holmes, 24, the shooter at the The Dark Knight Rises premiere at Century Aurora 16 early this morning. Holmes, who is in police custody, lives at 17th Avenue and Peoria Street in Aurora in a third-floor apartment.

Five buildings around his have been evacuated and police and the FBI have photos from inside the unit.

"We are trying to determine how to disarm the flammable or explosive material that's in there," Oates said this morning. "We could be here for hours, we could be here for days. We are very concerned about getting in there.

"The pictures are pretty disturbing. It looks pretty disturbing how it's booby-trapped."

Update: Here are photos of the shooter, James Holmes, 24:

Source: University of Colorado Denver

Source: Westview High School yearbook (San Diego, California)

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Century 16 Aurora

14300 E. Alameda Ave., Aurora, CO

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I seriously doubt the place was rigged or we'd be reading about more, ridiculously stupid,  dead cops.

The same thing occurred in Bennett a little over ten years ago, involving the Long brothers. There were four of them and they lived in a house directly across the street from the public library and , and K through 12,  Bennett schools.

After apprehending three of the brothers and not being able to reach the camping, fourth,

FUCKING MORON, DETECTIVE GARDNER, evacuated all four buildings, enlisted at LEAST thirty-five additional cruisers w/ no telling how many cops in ALL different types of gear.

Close to six hours and no telling how much $$$ later, the robot entered the absent Long brother's room, and on to the dresser where the DEVASTATING bomb was to be booby trapped, ready to detonate at the lightest of touches.

FOUND;  eight and 2/3 pairs of socks, three pair of boxers, and four girl-on-girl porns.

This kid's apt was booby trapped and bin Laden blew up three buildings in NY !!!...

RobertChase topcommenter

These incompetents suspected (or had already been told by Holmes) that the apartment was boobytrapped, but sent in a police robot (which apparently set off an explosion) BEFORE evacuating the building!  Had Holmes secreted enough explosives in his apartment, the death toll might be higher now.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

More American Gun MADNESS !!


200,000,000 Guns in the U$A is NOT Enough !!


Americans Needs MORE Guns !!


Rack 'em and Stack 'em !!



senseless !

thoughts go out to all of the families impacted by this terrible tragedy.

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