Aurora theater shooting: James Holmes bought four guns in two months and 6k rounds of ammo

James Holmes.
James Holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in the Aurora theater shooting, legally bought four guns at metro gun shops in the last sixty days, Aurora police Chief Dan Oates said at a press conference tonight. Holmes also bought more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition off the Internet, Oates said, including a one hundred-round drum magazine that was recovered from the scene.

Police believe Holmes had four guns with him the night of the shooting: one AR-15 assault rifle, one Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun and two 40-caliber Glock handguns. Oates said Holmes purchased about 3,000 rounds of ammunition for the assault rifle, 3,000 rounds for the handguns and 300 rounds for the shotgun. He also purchased "multiple" magazines for the assault rifle, Oates said, including the one referenced above.

Oates said he's been told by experts that Holmes could have shot fifty to sixty rounds in a minute with the drum magazine, even if the weapon was only semi-automatic. He said the shots happened at a "pretty rapid pace."

Melanie Asmar
Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates on Friday night.
Oates also corrected an earlier count of the victims: There are 70 -- not 71, as he'd reported earlier. Twelve were killed, and he said most of the others were shot, though a small number sustained non-gunshot injuries.

The bodies of the ten victims who died in the theater have been removed, Oates said. (Two more died at the hospital.) He said he anticipates receiving a list of their names tonight, after which he expects to "begin the agonizing process of meeting with those families and confirming what has happened to their loved ones."

The last body was removed from the Century 16 theater around 5 p.m. Friday.

Holmes's Apartment is Booby-Trapped

Officials are postponing action on Holmes's booby-trapped apartment until Saturday, Oates said. "It's a very vexing problem how to enter that apartment safely," he said. He described the apartment as filled with what appear to be jars of liquid and jars of ammunition and "things that look like mortar rounds." There also appear to be trip wires, he said.

Residents of Holmes's apartment building and four others were evacuated today. Police are allowing them to briefly re-enter their apartments tonight to get essential items but not to spend the night there.

Oates became emotional when speaking about the effects of the tragedy on the Aurora police force. After things slow down, he said, "one of our highest priorities is to deal with our officers" and how they're coping with the tragedy.

Melanie Asmar
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on Friday night.
Governor John Hickenlooper also spoke briefly. "We can't explain it at this point," he said of the shooting, adding that Colorado will rise above it.

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We need laws that require the immediate release of the names of the "alleged" psychiatric meds and the "alleged" prescribers any crazed gunman is on immediately at the time of arrest. The public needs to be protected.


I guess he had some money, that bill would have been over $5000. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



Releasing them AFTER THE FACT is irrelevant.


Release the Names and Psych Meds of ALL the millions of Americans who take them on a daily basis ... and integrate that list of psychos to the FBI / BATFe Instant Background check for all Firearm purchases, and mandate that ALL AMMUNITION sales from every hardware and sporting goods store also pass the Instant Background check.



DonkeyHotay topcommenter



Unless he went to Rocky's Auto and Machine Gun sales ... where everyone is approved for a loan, good credit, bad credit, just $299 down!


* offer void if you're an BATFe Agent.

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