James Holmes's tactical gear provider accused of having "blood on its hands"

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James Holmes.
After some of the equipment belonging to Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes was traced back to a Chesterfield, Missouri company called Tactical Gear, reps spoke out about the ties online. Since then, as noted by our eagle-eyed sister blog at St. Louis' Riverfront Times, Tactical Gear employees have been threatened even as COO Andrew Hoefener redirected some of the criticism facing the company toward outlets that provide guns and ammunition, not just armor and accessories.

"I think if any additional scrutiny needs to be paid, it's probably to ammunition sourcing online and firearms, and how those are purchased," Hoefener said in an interview with St. Louis' KMOV.

You can watch that interview here:

According to CEO Chad Weinman, who released a statement on the company's website yesterday, James Holmes placed an order through TacticalGear.com on July 2. He requested an "urban assault vest, two magazine pouches and a tactical knife," which cost him a total of $306.79, and he paid an extra $15.36 for UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to receive the gear faster. He signed for the entire order on July 5 at 1:21 Denver time.

On the company's Facebook page, officials posted a response about Holmes's choice of vendors, which has already garnered a generous amount of criticism in the comments section since it went live on Saturday. "Everyone at TacticalGear.com is shocked and appalled that the alleged shooter purchased tactical gear from us for use in this horrific attack. We process thousands of orders a day which include this type of equipment and there was nothing unusual about this particular order," reads the statement, in which the word 'tragedy' is misspelled. "We primarily serve members of the armed services and law enforcement professionals. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this terrible trajedy."

As critics point fingers at Tactical Gear and the company points fingers at weapons manufacturers, Weinman countered the claims against his company in his statement, which says employees have been victimized by the attention.

"We have since been inundated with countless phone calls, e-mails and interview requests," he wrote. "Much of this communication has been quite hostile and threatening in nature. We have been falsely accused of selling Mr. Holmes firearms and ammunition over the Internet illegally without conducting the mandated background checks. Some members of our customer relations team have been brought to tears by people insisting that we have 'blood on our hands.'"

In response to outcry over Hoefener's comments on gun vendors, Weinman emphasized the company's support of the right to bear arms.

"We want to set the record straight and (publicly) state that we fully support the 2nd amendment," he maintained. "The spirit of what we were trying to communicate was that tactical clothing and equipment should not be put in the same category as firearms and ammunition. Unfortunately, in some instances our choice of words were poor and misguided.... We wholeheartedly support the freedom Americans enjoy to legally purchase guns and ammunition. I personally believe that if some members of the audience had concealed carry weapons at hand that night perhaps less blood would have been shed. No amount of gun control is going to prevent a sociopath hell-bent on terrorism from hurting a large group of people."

For more information, read the RFT's full post.

Click through to read Weinman's full statement.

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I am so sick of the "if a member of the audience was a legal carrier" excuse.  Really?  The fool recommended that we arm ourselves, but since when are concealed weapons allowed in a theater??? In a crowded theater full of smoke & a perpetrator with full body gear? Another weapon pulled could easily cause more chaos, and more innocents killed.


Ten weapon-less people tackling the shooter at once would do more than one person having a handgun in that situation. This is how Jarred Loughner was stopped in AZ. 


Also, a concealed weapon carrier who was near the AZ shooting almost shot the HERO who was holding Loughner down.  Yes, the only weapon-carrying individual at the scene almost shot the hero because the situation he came upon was so confusing.


This is a perfect opportunity to enact some new laws (or re-enact).  There is no reason any human needs ten rounds in a clip let alone 20.  There is no reason any American needs an assault rifle.  The fact that the NRA controls the legislation on this issue should scare everyone.  The NRA is responsible for each and every death caused by a gun in the US.  DOWN WITH THE NRA. DOWN WITH GUN OWNERS.  Gun owners, on the whole,  are cowards.  Kill your prey with a knife you wimps.


They sell tactical troll pants too!



BackOffImStarving topcommenter

The notion that these guys are responsible is sort of ridiculous.  This asshole wasn't even shot at by civilians OR the police, so how, exactly, did the tactical gear cause this tragedy or even make it worse?  The incident in California, where the police had a great deal of difficulty in bringing the robbers down... that's a different story.  In any case, why aren't we going after the people who make that shade of hair dye?  Why not sue the manufacturers of the shoes he was wearing?  Nothing says "kill everybody" like some Hanes ankle-length socks, you know?  Don't even get me started on the brand of deodorant psychotic killers prefer.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

They even sell Tactical Toilet Paper ...and Tactical Toenail Clippers.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @IcePick This post is the definition of a conversation-starter. Thanks, IcePick.


 @IcePick Down with lighters, no human needs a pack of 10 lighters, lighter companies are the cause of all arson, lighter owners are cowards, light things with matches you wimps. See, I can almost sound as stupid as you, but you are the king.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



And Tactical MMJ Suppositories, your choice of camo, olive drab or flat black.




 @BackOffImStarving His finger pulled the trigger, maybe we should amputate fingers at birth, sense no one can be trusted.


 @Monkey nah, just gun owners.  If we amputate all gun owners fingers the world would be a better place.

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