James Holmes: Inside the courtroom with shock-haired Aurora theater shooting suspect

carol chambers james holmes court appearance.jpg
Carol Chambers.
Update:James Holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in the Aurora theater shooting, walked slowly into a packed, wood-paneled courtroom this morning to be advised of his rights.

He wore a maroon jumpsuit, but the most shocking thing about his appearance was his hair, which was a bushy tumble of neon orange.

The dye was fading around the edges, so it looked pink. He looked somber. He didn't say anything and sat with a woman who was likely one of his public defenders in the jury box, as far from the spectators as possible.

james holmes screen capture 1.jpg
The courtroom fell quiet as soon as he entered. The loudest sound from those watching was the collective flapping of the fold-up theater-type seats as everyone rose when the judge entered.

The hearing was brief. The judge announced that Holmes is being held without bond for murder. Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers sat at the prosecution table with several of her staff as public defender Daniel King, who is representing Holmes along with another public defender, asked for access to the two crime scenes: the movie theater and Holmes's apartment. The prosecution did not object. Holmes will be back in court on July 30, at which time the prosecution expects to file charges with the victims' names.

Media from all around the world has come to Colorado to cover the tragedy. The big networks -- ABC, NBC, Fox -- are here, as are the New York Times and NPR. There are several Asian television stations as well, and at a press conference on Saturday, we spotted a crew from Entertainment Tonight and a reporter from the Trinidad and Tobago News.

Today, the media squeezed into two rooms: the actual courtroom, which also sat the public, and an overflow room. Westword was in the courtroom, along with a television camera that were supposed to feed video to the overflow room. But afterward, several reporters grumbled that the feed didn't work.

Photographers and cameramen lined the stuffy hallway outside the courtroom, waiting to snap a shot of the attorneys or victims. They eagerly watched the elevators and heads turned at every click of a camera.

2 james holmes court appearance carol chambers speaks to the media.JPG
Photo by Melanie Asmar
Carol Chambers speaks to the assembled media.
After the hearing, Chambers held a press conference on the lawn of the tall brick-and-glass courthouse underneath three flags flying at half mast. More than thirty cameras formed a semi circle around her as reporters in suits and skirts squatted on the grass, some holding microphones to catch her every word. She didn't reveal much, answering reporters' shouted questions calmly and judiciously.

The first question was a potentially scandalous one. Holmes looked so devoid of emotion, one reporter shouted; is he on medication or something? "We have no information about that," Chambers said.

"Is this a slam dunk?" another yelled -- louder than the others trying to lob their own questions. Chambers said there's "no such thing."

Another asked whether Chambers will seek the death penalty, and someone else asked if Holmes will be charged with domestic terrorism. Her answer to both was the same: I don't know.

Page down to see more photos from the scene and our original coverage.

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Here is the real lesson to take away from the tragedy in Aurora: We need, as a society, to be more proactive and less reactive, to think more profoundly about how to be a more loving and caring society so that those who are spiraling down into a hell they are intent on inflicting on the rest of us are surrounded by people who are there to stop that descent, or, if impossible, to restrain them before they can act on it. We need to move from a society of people who suddenly care deeply about one another when tragedy strikes, to a society that cares deeply enough about one another to help keep tragedy from striking in the first place. The benefits of moving in that direction are not just the reduction of the rate at which these senseless acts of violence occur, but also an improved quality of life for us all. It's time for all of us to reach down into the depths of our reason, the depths of our compassion, the depths of our commitment to one another, and work as courageously toward being that kind of society as the first responders a few days ago in Aurora worked toward mitigating the suffering inflicted by our failure to do so.!/photo.php?fbid=473956069290407&set=a.470753346277346.112232.151536731532344&type=1&theater


Bozo the clown was recruited from a Jewish and Black supremacist mgtow group that this blogger talks about:


Notice all the dead so far are mostly heterosexual whites with a token Hispanic thrown in for good measure.


Donkey the pot smoking psychopath spammer is here to attack those that get too close to the truth. If Donkey does not do meth already he is planning on picking up that recreational sport in the near future. To fund his meth habit he will file false police reports and attack non drug addict hippies. Maybe Donkey the pot smoking psychopath gets paid to spam? The alleged shooter and Donkey have a tremendous amount in common. I wonder if Donkey's hair is red or pink? Would not surprise me if it is.


Anyone find it odd that whites were targeted?


"Other bizarre things about this shooting are that Holmes shot 70 people and then meekly surrendered himself to police while wearing full body armor and still possessing his guns and ammunition. Why didn’t he shoot it out with police? Was he “programmed” not to shoot any law enforcement personnel? He also warned police that his apartment was booby-trapped. He had left his door unlocked and his stereo blaring so that his neighbors might walk into that trap, but he warned police so that they would not walk into it.


Other so-far unverified stories that have come out include: A resident of Aurora listening to a police emergency channel claimed that over 100 federal agents responded to the shooting almost immediately –as if they were waiting for it to happen. Another story claims that a Black individual who survived the shooting told a reporter that Holmes had pointed a gun at him, but didn’t shoot him.""


Police went out of their way to snatch white people and put them in their cars. Never ride with a police officer even if you are injured. That is a one way ticket to hell. This was 100% a police psyop staged at high levels.


Pitiful psychopath Donkey must be furious that more straight whites that do not do drugs and who believe in god were not hurt. That must burn him up inside. I am sure when he does more pot and meth the will be happy. Take enough pot and meth and you can be a psychopath police dupe like bozo the clown was!


By the way all reports on the live video said that bozo the clown shot in the air first, then tear gas was released, he walked out and others took over so the first eye witness accounts say. The shot in the air was a signal to let the police take over and massacre white people. The alleged shooter is Jewish. This is classic police pysop targeting white people and also to pass the UN gun treaty. Only the police are violent and sadistic enough to carry out this type of operation in my opinion. 


Wake up white people. You are being massacred on purpose by the powers that be.




My posts are my opinion based on live news feeds I saw early on, The police congratulating themselves profusely, the police snatching/abducting people and putting them in their cars, the lame actors and actresses who contradicted eye witness accounts. and previous police psyops. You are free to disagree and come up with your own ideas on what what really happened. You can bet that if I would have been there the police would have shot me first.











If he asks for god's forgiveness,

he still gets to go to heaven,

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I bet fellow hair-styling, serial killing freaks are 'dying'

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Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre


Like I said this was 100% a police staged operation with bozo the clown as the dupe.


The same type of kids that do this type of bullying ( ) are recruited after college to be police officers.


This man had a college degree and worked at McDonalds which I can guarantee you had a bad effect on him. He did not fit in at CU and I doubt he got many dates . He was about to lose his housing. So no job, no school, no housing and no dates. Perfect candidate to be a police pysop dupe.


This clown was suckered in the worst way.


Don't let yourself become a police dupe. Do not let psychopaths like Donkey get your goat. CU sucks. Go to a different college or learn a trade. As far as getting stoned all day like psychopath Donkey does try passing on the wacky weed and crytal meth and eat healthy, go for hikes and reject police including their "dupe" recruiters. It would not hurt believing in god either which is another thing that enrages psychopaths like Donkey.


Try reading alternative news like,,  and many others.


This clown was a dupe that was recruited from the websites this person talks about: he was probably was part of the internet gang stalking group known as mgtow hence it was mostly white people that were killed.


Shooter looks more like a Raggedy Ann and Andy cosplayer to me.


Joker has green hair.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Once his mania wears off, he's going to regret his actions.


Behold the current state of Mental Health Care in the U$A -- ignore the medical issues until they manifest into criminal issues ... then treat it with "prison therapy".



 @juan_leg Bozos hair is an affront to all legitimate hair stylists in the world! Wait is there such thing as a legitimate hair stylist?


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 @DonkeyHotay Hahaha, just saw that you're still commenting on these. Sad, that this is what you do with your time. :(


 @juan_leg Do you really want to be a bus monitor? With today's future police dupes...I mean with today's kids... it's probably not even worth $700,000 to be around them.


I am happy she got those donations. I heard she was giving a lot to charity so that is a good thing. I hope she will be able to relax and take a break from the vicious public school system that churns out ultra violent genocidal police officers in droves. I bet if a study was conducted 99% of police officers are public school educated.



Do we have





tonight ?



Yeah, you're right. I probably read *more* than enough.



I'd give it a shot, friend.

Why the hell not ?

I'm more apt to talk sense into these kids.

Being crippled and NOT a physical threat,

most often benefits me w/ the youth...

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