James Holmes Facebook tribute pages: Most notorious one down, plenty remain

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Now yanked.
Last week, we told you about the proliferation of James Holmes Facebook tribute pages, with the largest of them -- featuring bad-taste jokes, memes and images like the one seen here -- having collected more than 400 likes. That particular page has been taken down, but a good many remain, including one with 760 likes and another whose 656 likes may have escaped U.S. media scrutiny because much of the content is in Spanish.

The first of these pages features a GIF of a cat shooting a machine gun and a slogan from administrator Chris that reads "FREE JAMES HOLMES." Illustrations include some pornographic cartoons, as well as graphics like this one....

james holmes english meme.jpg
...and this one:

james holmes english meme 2.jpg
Comments range from positive remarks to rips such as "Free James Holmes, wtf. HE MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!" and "I am sure this page and others like it are from teenagers. It sounds just like their mentality."

As for the Spanglish page, it sports memes like this one:

james holmes meme spanish.jpg
I'm not a Spanish speaker, so please correct me if I've misinterpreted Google's translation feature -- but this graphic appears to suggest that Holmes is awaiting the release of Lethal Weapon 6.

In contrast, another meme comes with its own translation, on view below:

james holmes spanish meme 2.jpg
The translation:

Lawyer: Is it true that you downloaded games and music online? James: No Sir,That's ilegal!I just bought 50 000 bullets, 3 machine guns and some grenades. Lawyer: Oh ya, thank goodness, you saved! Bottom slogan: If James Holmes had downloaded music the FBI had tracked down and arrested before he had been able to upload to the iPod.

As of now, there are oodles more Facebook pages like the ones noted here -- some with hundreds of likes (including at least one that's blatantly racist), others lingering in near-obscurity. Their continued existence following the negative reactions to the now-removed page suggests that this kind of stuff is comparable to weeds: No matter how much you try to get rid of them, more will pop up.

More from our Aurora Theater Shooting archive: "James Holmes's musician sister has song called 'Walking on Death Row.'"

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Star Stepping
Star Stepping

in poor taste but free speech. some speculation that he was under mind control= odd.

Danielle Hatton
Danielle Hatton

A petition on change.org has been made asking that facebook remove any fan pages of james holmes.

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