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Jesse Williams.
Marking one hundred days before Election Day, Barack Obama's campaign held thousands of events across the country on Saturday, asking supporters to take at least one action for the President through an initiative called "It Takes One." As part of that effort, his Colorado team brought not one, but two celebrities to this key swing state to promote him.

Harold & Kumar headliner John Cho and Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams made several campaign stops for Obama on Saturday.

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Sam Levin
Jesse Williams, "Grey's Anatomy" star, at the Obama campaign's Five Points office.
It's not the first time in recent months that the campaign has gotten celebrity support in Colorado -- most recently with an appearance from actress Eva Longoria at a women's summit event. Before that, the campaign also got a boost from Kal Penn, the other half of Harold & Kumar.

And it's likely Colorado may have more celebrity visitors lending their voices to the Obama campaign in the future. After all, it's a crucial swing state that is fairly accessible from Los Angeles.

"Colorado is an important state in the election. From California...conveniently, I can get here. I left at 2 a.m. yesterday, and I can get here and get back. I can't get to Pennsylvania, can't get to Florida, can't get to Ohio...with my current schedule," says Williams, the Grey's Anatomy star. "It's a real opportunity, real privilege to be able to come here...and try to inspire and encourage people."

Registering people to vote is a key first step and an area where he can help, says Williams.

"It's literally the least you can do. And aside from that, I'd like you to vote for our guy. I think that choice is so clear. It would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous to consider a guy like Mitt Romney," he says.

Williams seemed to echo a theme that the Obama campaign has been pushing in its election messages: Romney could actually win this thing if people don't come out and vote. (The latest fundraising e-mail from the campaign has the subject line: "Romney defeats Obama?" -- telling supporters to donate in order to avoid that headline in November).

"He doesn't stand for anything," Williams says of Romney. "He's a quick-fix guy and that's what he's made his career out of.... He's stubborn on things that make no sense."

Williams, who says education is especially important to him, spoke to volunteers and supporters at the campaign's new office in Five Points on Saturday morning.

"If the fact that on a hit TV show will give us three more seconds with viewers to pay attention...then that's valuable...and there's certainly no shame in that," says Williams. "It's an exciting opportunity."

Cho, who spoke to fans at a booth at the Dragon Boat Festival later that afternoon, also says his support is just a tiny boost to attract more people to the campaign.

John Cho, campaigning for Obama.JPG
Sam Levin
John Cho campaigning for Obama at the Dragon Boat Festival.
"I really do consider it a privilege to come and see and be, in a very, very small way, a part of this election," says Cho, who also came from Los Angeles. "To be really invested in not just my own local politics, but to invest myself more heavily in a very personal way in national politics is a really cool feeling."

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RobertChase topcommenter

Williams and Cho should expend their efforts on putting the word "legalization" into Obama's vocabulary.  They'd better hurry, because the president is running out of time to take decisive action against Prohibition before the election.  If he does so, I will seriously consider voting for him again.


 @RobertChase you would vote for that mistake of a man?  Wow...just so you can smoke a little weed?  Wake up man...go get a job and do something with your life!

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