John McAfee: Anti-virus king turned relational yoga inventor talks latest endeavor (or prank?)

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WW: You knew Greg Gumucio when you were living in Colorado. What was your relationship like?

JM: Greg was one of my students when I began the relational yoga studio yoga in Woodland Park, and I believe he was also a student of Bikram at that time. He was a good student, I remember. I wouldn't say it was a particularly close relationship. He came up to the lodge quite often; he came to the breath-work classes and the hatha yoga, but I had a lot of students at the time and I wasn't close with any of them.

WW: What do you think about the controversy between Bikram and Greg Gumucio?

JM: I think the problem with modern society is that we are glued to the television set. We are glued to the easy chair at home, and we are stuck in the habitual lifestyle -- commuting to and from work each day and then watching TV when we get home, and then we have two days off on the weekend and don't know what to do, so we watch TV again. Anything that gets people out of the house, in which the idea of something new is available, is a good thing.

I think Bikram is a good thing because it expands the yoga base rather than taking away from other forms of yoga. If it gets people out of the house, it's a good thing.

[But] Bikram has no chance of prevailing [in the lawsuit]. Every one of his yoga poses were taken directly from Iyengar's hatha yoga books -- written well over fifty years ago.

WW: What about your own pending lawsuit in the U.S.?

JM: I have had over 200 lawsuits since I started McAfee antivirus. Anyone who has money gets sued. Currently I have seven; I have never had less than five. It's a type of madness that is unique to America. For example, I have a $10 million lawsuit from a person who tripped over a log on my property in New Mexico. It just settled for $1,000, but it was ongoing for several years and cost me a lot of money. If you tried to do that in Belize, you would probably be beaten by your neighbors, it's just so ridiculous. In America, everything goes as far as the legal system, but I'm not complaining. I've learned to live with it.

WW: What happened with your project to develop new antibiotics?

JM: Absolutely nothing. I am simply too old to go down that path. The chief researcher quit and I had difficulty getting a new one to relocate here, and I didn't want to move. I gave up.

WW: Was that difficult?

JM: Lord, no. I have abandoned far more than I have succeeded at in life. It is not hard for me to leave anything.

WW: And yoga?
Yoga is simply part of my life. It is something I cannot abandon. It is integrated in my being.

JM: If you come to Belize, I will give you a free pass and an easy chair to improve your peace of mind and your lean body mass.

Read about the legal battle between Greg Gumucio and Bikram Choudhury in "The Hot Yoga War."

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