Ken Salazar says feds confident in solar despite Colorado setbacks

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Abound Solar has officially gone bankrupt and General Electric PrimeStar is putting on hold a much-anticipated solar panel plant it had planned for Aurora. Both cases are disappointing developments for renewable energy in Colorado -- but Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar says these are just minor (and expected) blips for the industry.

Salazar visited the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden on Friday in part to highlight President Obama's commitment to solar and other renewable technologies. And though the visit comes on the heels of bad local news for solar -- tied to intense competition in the global market -- Salazar says folks shouldn't be too concerned.

Ken Salazar with NREL Director Dan Arvizu.JPG
Sam Levin
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and National Renewable Energy Lab Director Dan Arvizu on a campus tour on Friday.
"Any time you're dealing with an emerging future on energy, you're always going to have successes and you're going to have setbacks," he says. "And President Obama and I remain very confident that we're moving in the right direction."

Salazar spoke with Westword on the campus of NREL -- the national laboratory for the Department of Energy (operated by a company called the Alliance for Sustainable Energy) -- after he toured around the new facilities of the 327-acre site, which is in the process of a large expansion.

"When the automobile was developed, there were forward steps and setbacks that took place," he says. "The same thing is going on now with respect to energy."

Page down to read more of our interview with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

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Craig S. Chisesi
Craig S. Chisesi

Try this from the Department of Energy: “Energy payback estimates for rooftop PV systems are 4, 3, 2, and 1 years: 4 years for systems using current multicrystalline-silicon PV modules, 3 years for current thin-film modules, 2 years for anticipated multicrystalline modules, and 1 year for anticipated thin-film modules. With energy paybacks of 1 to 4 years and assumed life expectancies of 30 years, 87% to 97% of the energy that PV systems generate won’t be plagued by pollution, greenhouse gases, and depletion of resources. Based on models and real data, the idea that PV cannot pay back its energy investment is simply a myth. Indeed, researchers Dones and Frischknecht found that PV-systems fabrication and fossil fuel energy production have similar energy payback periods (including costs for mining, transportation, refining, and construction).”


A job is a job is a job. Not green jobs just JOBS!

Tony Weese
Tony Weese

What is "green" about a solar pannel farm?


Strong words from an idiot with a thesaurus.  

Billy Goldstein
Billy Goldstein

Notice that the only activity in the "green" sector cited in the article is the unmitigated, unsustainable and wantonly corrupt US government "investment" in NREL and other pseudo-science vote-buying projects in CO. The "arc of history in the world" that Kennyboy cites here is the unmistakable arc that failed Statist policy makes as it traverses the broken backs of the proletariat.

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