Update: Seventy layoffs at GE PrimeStar after Aurora plant put on hold

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Original post, 6:12 a.m. July 5: Last week, as news was breaking that Colorado-based manufacturer Abound Solar had filed for bankruptcy, a solar branch of General Electric in Aurora was informing its local employees that about half of them would be laid off. Westword learned of these major layoffs -- which could affect more than sixty employees -- late Tuesday, from a former employee of the company.

This is a major blow for Aurora, which is where the company called GE PrimeStar was planning on opening a large solar-panel manufacturing plant; Governor John Hickenlooper touted the deal at this year's State of the State address in January.

PrimeStar's corporate headquarters are located in Arvada, and the company does some additional manufacturing in Michigan. According to our source, current employees are saying that every employee at the Michigan facility -- between fifteen and twenty workers -- will be laid off, and around sixty in Colorado will be losing jobs.

"The same day Abound announced their bankruptcy, PrimeStar sat the employees down and said they were shutting down the Michigan...operation and that half of the people in Colorado are going to be let go," the former employee says.

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PrimeStar was a local startup that developed its solar energy technology in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden. GE bought the company in 2011 and announced in October of last year that it planned to open a plant in Aurora.

This latest twist in the story is certainly a big shift from the celebration of Colorado's renewable energy industry and Aurora's anticipated economic boom. The Denver Post, for example, ran a story with the headline "PrimeStar solar-panel plant is latest trophy for Aurora."

Our source says that it seems GE will be focusing on research and development and not manufacturing. Employees were told that the plan to open the Aurora plant have been "delayed at best," he notes. A GE spokeswoman told us in an e-mail yesterday that "the delay is at least 18 months."

When we reported on Abound's bankruptcy last week, after the company had already struggled with layoffs earlier in the year, we asked experts whether they thought this was a bad sign for renewable energy in Colorado -- and the folks we talked to expressed concerns about competition from China in the solar industry. But they said they were confident that Colorado would remain a central place for this kind of research and manufacturing, given that it has a good climate for solar energy and local support from the National Renewable Energy Lab -- owned by the Department of Energy.

In fact, one of our experts said he was confident in Colorado because GE had a stake in stake in the state and is big enough to fight against intense competition from overseas.

Now the layoffs raise questions about the state of renewable energy manufacturing in not just Colorado, but across the United States. At the time that GE's Aurora plant was announced, the DOE -- which has supplied funding for PrimeStar -- applauded the news, pointing out that the plant would produce enough solar panels to provide electricity to 80,000 homes and would also create 355 jobs in Colorado over a three- to five-year period.

Now, though, it looks like PrimeStar will actually be losing jobs, not bringing new ones. And that casts a shadow on this state's new energy hopes.

A spokeswoman from GE sent us an e-mail yesterday afternoon, saying that pricing in the industry -- a nearly 50% drop in global module prices due to overcapacity and declining incentives -- has been challenging, but that the company is still committed to solar. The statement from Lindsay Theile says the company has more than 100 patents in solar technology and is pushing forward with a project in Illinois. She said the company is not disclosing the number of layoffs. Part of the statement read:

[W]e are putting the build-out of our Aurora, Colorado plant on pause and focusing our efforts to develop the next generation of solar module technology. This technology will reach a far higher efficiency level and more competitive cost position, and will require modifications to the plant design currently underway. In conjunction, we have communicated to our employees that we are sizing our solar team accordingly. This decision has been made to keep GE's cost goals in line, in order to continue our competitiveness in the solar industry.

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 Resultant of major mismanagement by GE, major.


downsize to less than 50 and dont have to pay for obamacare!!!

Paul  Felix Schott
Paul Felix Schott

 SOLAR ENERGY WILL SOON POWER THE WORLD Did not the investigating commission that was appointed by the Japanese Parliament just concluded,  That It was very sadly a Profoundly Man-made Disaster that Could and Should have Been Foreseen and at all cost been Prevented.” This commission dose hold the Japan Government, Regulators and its Nuclear Owners and Operators Responsible for the Meltdown that occurred  at Fukushima, after a Powerful Earthquake that generated a Large Tsunami that struck the country’s northeast coast in March of the year 2011. This Plant was built by "GE" or know as "General Electric" A American Company and there are 23 of them in America just like the one they built at Fukushim Japan. At least one in the state of Illinois.  Thank GOD Illinois does not have a lot of Earthquakes. Yet ? and are the 23 power plants that are built just like the Fukushima one Safe of the 100+ Nuclear Power Plants in the United States of America??? Or are they a Disaster looking to come? There is enough Energy coming from our SUN in a day to power all our needs on Earth for for a long time. Solar Energy is Safe and Clean and Can Power All Are Needs and much more. There is enough Energy coming from our SUN in a day to power all our needs on Earth for for a long time. This was told by two men 100 years ago and 2,242 years ago. Told by most all Scientist that these two men were of the World s most smartest men to ever live on Earth they were Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Scientist and Inventors of many things "Archimedes and Albert Einstein". The smartest to ever to walk on Earth was are Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord's Little Helper Paul Felix Schott PS So why on Earth is anyone still looking at Dirty, Unsafe or Disastrous Energy like Oil, Coal and Nuclear Power Plants. These two are at the top of the list of the World’s Greatest Scientists, Viewed by Scientist around the World. Sad that for the last 25 years or so of every teacher asked no matter what Grade k through 16. At least 80% of them did not know Archimedes. Even sadder 90% of them could not tell you what one of the most Brilliant Scientist to ever live on Earth. Won the Nobel Prize for. It was for the work Albert Einstein did to show the World it could get Free Energy, Electric from the SUN. (THE PHOTOVOLTAIC EFFECT).


I bet they could save one or two useful jobs by laying off PR and HR staff before anyone else.

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