Reader: Amendment 64 could lead to more out-of-state marijuana diversion

A post yesterday found Amendment 64 proponent Brian Vicente rejecting the theories of a professor, who suggested that passage of the measure could lead to lower pot prices and rising usage nationwide.

One reader thought the wholesale dismissal of the prof's ideas was too sweeping.

Matthew Meyer writes:

I don't think the article did a good job of acknowledging the parts of Caulkins's theory that make sense, like the idea that more legal growers in Colorado may mean "diversion" (export) to other states when the CO market's needs are met. (Not to mention the price incentive to export.)

But the notion that there will be more consumption because there's more supply is daft. My guess is that the Mexican importers will take a hit, as will the Kentucky growers. More people will be consuming higher-quality cannabis, which sounds like a plus on balance.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The entire article, and the false premise it's built upon are bullshit.


A64 does NOT Legalize Marijuana -- Not Even Close!


1 (one) ounce and 3 (three) flowering plants changes NOTHING!

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