Masterpiece Cakeshop refuses gay wedding: Readers share their stories

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On Friday, we chronicled the story of Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig on our sister blog, Cafe Society. The young gay couple plans to get married in Provincetown, Massachusetts in September, and last week, the guys were searching for a baker to create the multi-tiered rainbow cake they'll serve to guests at their local reception. That's when Jack Phillips, owner of Lakewood's Masterpiece Cakeshop, told them no. His business doesn't serve gay weddings, he said.

It turns out his bakery doesn't serve a lot of functions. Although Westword has still been unable to get a comment from anyone at Masterpiece about the accusations, readers haven't been nearly so shy. While some argue that Phillips and his business are simply executing their right to refuse service, others have related their own stories of being turned away from Masterpiece.

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For the full story on Mullins and Craig, visit our original post. Note: They've since ordered a cake at what Mullins jokes is "the gayest cake shop we could think of:" Le Bakery Sensual.

In the meantime, read these additional takes on the shop's service:

"This is the same bakery that refused to make a 50th Birthday cake for my mom with a tarot card of 'mother earth goddess' on it," writes our Girlscout of an experience she had there in 1996. "I brought the tarot card with me to show them so they could just copy the image, with all their mastery, onto the cake. It was a beautiful, positive image that I wanted for my mom who loved this card in particular. They said they would NOT make a cake with a heretical image. I was shocked. I told them to f*** off (immature me) and I'll take my business elsewhere (mature me)."

Although her experience centered on the spirit, her sexual identity prompted an even stronger reaction when she read about Mullins and Craig. "Additionally, I am a lesbian and had been 'out' well before this incident," she writes. "The feeling of shock and judgement by these 'masters' was unbelievable and something I'm apparently still reeling from, as this article hits close to home. Maybe it was not the tarot card at all. Maybe it was my short haircut and Umbro shorts."

Another commenter pointed us to this February 2010 review of the bakery on "Judgmental Conservative Service. My fiance and I went in after hearing good things about this bakery. Our intentions were to use this bakery for our wedding cupcakes. We were met by a friendly woman who quickly turned holy-roller judgmental when she found out we were doing a Halloween-themed wedding. Judge not, lest ye be judged."

What if Mullins and Craig had requested a cake for a different situation? One commenter tried that out, too. "He said he would not sell me a (gay) wedding cake for $2,000, but he would do it if it was a birthday cake," writes wwelch000. "It was a really ridiculous conversation."

More from our archive: "Masterpiece Cakeshop refuses to bake a wedding cake for gay couple."

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You guys/gals are too much.  Your hypocrisy, and inability to see it, is daunting - and your F U Redneck comments show you up as, well, petty.  Perhaps you have heard of freedom of association?  The original, American idea that we who don't agree with your world view and "marriage" promotion can choose not to do business with you?  Let me put it this way.  If Fred Phelps came into a gay-owned bakery and said "Please make me a cake with 'God Hates Fags' on it."  should they be compelled by force of law to do so?  Of course not, nor should they - America is so much more than what Fred Phelps demands.  Doubt this will register with you on a level of principle, since by definition, the only way homosexuality has credence is if you reject objective moral principle/law, which entails a moral law giver, which means... the axiological proof is alive and well. :)


Fuck the MASTERPIECE CAKESHOP, they could go to hell with their nasty cakes.  i will never buy their cakes anyways it taste nasty after tasting it on my best friend wedding reception.   So to all the LGBT and the heteros dont even bother buying cake from this motherfuckers their cake is too expensive and is too bland... 


Too bad we cant get someone inside to put a lot of ex lax into their cakes.


they need it, they are full of "it" anyway.


Fuck em' !

They do not deserve your business !


these are the people who we should force to put up signs - gays to the back of the store/bus


Bet they will scream aplenty.   Most people support acceptance of gaysy though marriage is still a big issue


these backwards religious zealots will go out of biz

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Typical Christian Haters and Homophobes


Vote with your $$$ ... boycott establishments owned and operated by Neanderthal Nitwits.




 @DonkeyHotay    Time to bring back the correct term for this kind of bigot-



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