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The Health Center is a tiny center in a tiny house on a tiny block in the Uptown neighborhood.

What isn't little, though, was the selection of unique strains more than worth taking home.

The Health Center Uptown

1736 Downing St.
Denver, CO 80218

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6:50 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Other types of meds: Hash, tincture, cooking oil, BHO
Online menu: Yes.
Handicap accessible? Yes.

The little Victorian home-turned-MMC is hard to miss, since it stands alone on a block with an empty lot next to it. The shop's parking lot is accessed through the alley, as is the entrance to the MMC, through what was formerly the back door of the house.

Inside, what was either a mud room or the kitchen has been turned into the small patient intake area. There's really not much to the space other than the purple walls and window into the receptionist area, but take a second to check out the old pictures of the building hanging in a frame on the wall near the door. At one time, it looked more like a crack house than the oversized dollhouse it resembles today.

No forms to fill out. I just handed my paperwork over to Julia, the bubbly, friendly woman behind the counter, and was buzzed back to the patient waiting area inside while she copied everything and entered me into the center's system.

The inside of the house is as small as you would expect it to be -- probably not more than 900 square feet in total. But it's a very swank 900 square feet. First decorated by original owners CDS, The Heath Center has left things pretty much the same. Dark wood floors contrast well with the stark-white window trim and baseboards, as well as the Colorado flag-blue paint on the walls, while the huge (for the building) windows let in loads of natural light. The shop was also decorated well and avoids any claustrophobic cluttering by keeping the antique furniture and decorations minimal, simple and (appropriately) small. It felt straight out of Modern Home and Living magazine or a Home Depot catalog, frankly. Very clean and professional.

THChealth inside.jpg
The seating area for the patient waiting room is built into the large bay-window kitchen, with a small coffee table stacked with magazines as well as a book containing information on the strains the center carries, plus a price breakdown for members and non-members. Eighths are capped at $35 for walk-ins, and signing the shop up as your caregiver knocks about $5 off at that level. Ounces are capped at $200, and at least one strain gets moved to the $150 ounce shelf each day.

Unlike the last few weeks waiting on patients taking forever ahead of me, I made it up to the bud bar in decent time despite being two back in line. The bud bar isn't cut off from the rest of the house, just tucked into an alcove in the former living room and separated by an antique wood and glass countertop showcasing concentrates, foods and other cannabis accoutrement.

Edibles were mostly kept to bite-sized baked goods and candies from Edi Pure, Dr. J's and Mountain High. The center also had a Kool-Aid-like powdered 50 milligram cannabis drink mixture that I regret not picking up for the $5 pricetag. The shop also carried tinctures and cooking oil for you do-it-yourself pot foodies. BHO made by an outside shop from the MMC's trim is on display in $40 gram and $20 half-gram containers, with about seven or eight strains to choose from, almost all coinciding with strains of herb on the shelves. Icewater hash was priced at the same level in price, but $40 for a gram for what looked like rolled chunks of dark bubble was too high.

Because of the rush before me, the staffers hadn't had time to get out all of their latest strains out of Ziploc bags and on to the shelves yet. But my budtender let me go through the baggies as he entered them into the inventory, just as with the already-shelved jars. Herb is broken down into three price tiers designated by shelf level, though my budtender reminded me of prices each time I asked for new strains to check out.

Buds all looked well developed, but some strains, like the King's Fire and Limon, needed some more time curing. Out of the bag, they had a mix of delicious spicy and citrus aromas, respectively, but there was also the more generic drying cannabis smell. Nothing awful -- more of a "Damn, we've got to get some herb out on our shelves"-cure instead of a well-timed drying.

And I know the shop can get there, because other strains, such as the Platinum Alien and the Tangerine Diesel, made me do the double-sniff (like a double-take with your nose) and were awesome examples of unique strains in the shop. In between the two levels of quality were the Headband, Chem 4 and the $150 ounce Durban Poison, among others.

I spoke with The Health Center's master grower, Jeremy, after my visit, and he told me that the shop has a link to a second-generation cannabis breeder who has been giving them strains like the Tangerine Diesel to play with in their organic, semi-soilless garden. Jeremy said he was looking forward to a batch of new strains with Chem Dawg lineage coming out soon, adding that the garden has been focusing on unusual genetics -- sometimes despite the yield. "Like that Tangerine Diesel is a horrible yielder, but it's a wonderful product," he noted. "So we just had to do something with it."

Me too: Smoke it. And with the patient-priced first-timer discount, two half-eighths of the stinkiest samples came home with me (along with a half-gram of some wax) to pack my pipes for just over $42.

This is our review of The Health Center Uptown, post your take in our Denver MMJ directory.

Page down for strain reviews and photos.

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The Health Center Uptown

1736 Downing St., Denver, CO

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out of all the CDS locations, I remember the owner of this spot being a compassionate and professional owner, thou I can't say that about the other locations. They have reasonable prices, usually spot on quality nugs, but when it came down to being real people some of the other location's owners and managers would give you the street level chump treatment if you were to actually demand quality control by bringing back squishy flowers, instead they look at you crazy, regardless of their no questions asked return policy. Anyhow, I used to love CDS and miss how nice they were at times, the customers were pleasant folks as well. they grow serious strains, like Good Samaritan, Chem 91, rainbow kush, moe g kush, an indica OG, etc. Yet in all fairness, I would run into hermaphrodites for months, occasionally buy wet and weeks away from being able to burn dank, and some strains that were show buds but lacked in potency. Overall thou, CDS is still one of the better places for the money, and sometimes you can't get some serious deals on their ounces. They do offer great strains of clones, but hoard a fair amount or the special genetics like the Pfunk unless you pay out the ass, more than fifty bucks per clone! At least they aren't some overpriced scam like The Clinic, but if your wise and know where to find strains like triple diesel in Boulder from say Terrapin, you'll pay almost half of the CDS price.

 Go peep out CDS thou, this isn't hate trolling, rather I'm keeping it real for the public, who claims one MMC's flowers or clones to be the ,"best". Anytime you hear the word "best" beware,lol.


thanks for the solid review William - The Health Center's other location on University is the best place I have found for clones in the city.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Location typo -- they're at 1736 Downing, not 1376.


Are they members of MMIG ?


Have they been granted a State MMCED License ?




 @DonkeyHotay Donkey likes to repeat himself.  Donkey's questions mean nothing.  He's been told dozens of times that the DOR is happy to investigate any incidence of non-licensed stores selling product.  CLEARLY this store has a license to operate within the city and state.

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