Reader: Mitt Romney to claim he'll be the first black president?

Mitt Romney.
Yesterday, we recapped presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's trip to Colorado, during which he labeled President Barack Obama the "outsourcer in chief" amid claims Romney did likewise during his business career. This I'm-rubber-you're-glue tack left one reader wondering what Mitt's next bold assertion might be....

Guest writes:

Typical Republican tactic -- take your own biggest sin and tag your opponent with it. That's how draft-dodger George Bush swiftboated war hero John Kerry. Now Romney puts his own faults on Obama and takes credit for Obama's successes. Before long Mitt will be claiming that HE will be the first black president.

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rockiesfever topcommenter

No jobs were ever outsourced by Bain while Mitt was there


furthermore, what Romney was referring to is that some of now bankrupt companies obama backed with tax payer money outsourced.....That and obamas jobs committee that he hasnt met with in around a year are ful of companies who outsource too. So when the facts are laid out straight, it is actually obama who is calling the kettle black




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