Reader accuses Denver cops of breaking "Stop Police Oppression" banner at march

Kelsey Whipple's coverage of Occupy Denver's Anaheim solidarity march on Sunday noted protesters' claim that four people were arrested at the rally. Shortly after the piece went live, we heard from one person who says she was among those taken into custody -- and her account suggests she's been shaken by the experience.

scaredofpolice77 writes:

I was one of those arrested [Sunday]. I am now safely at home and will return to court next month. I don't want to go into too much detail in this public forum, but DPD intimidated, stole from, and violated the rights of peaceably assembled US citizens yesterday in broad daylight. They even went so far as to break the banner that said "Stop Police Oppression." This is my first arrest. I am 25 years old, female. I will never look at police the same way again after what I saw in the last 24 hours. They do not respect democracy and the voices of the people. I am not even sure they respect the law and their roles as executives of it.

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Sometimes I wish there was an afterlife just so I could festively watch every Denver police officer fry in fucking hell.

RobertChase topcommenter

DPD is a law unto itself.  The Department freely allows its officers to make false criminal charges as they see fit, and there is evidence of a conspiracy involving recently appointed Deputy Chief of Police David Quinones to commit perjury and make a completely bogus charge of incitement to riot stick against Corey Donahue.  I am looking forward to that trial, because I was an eyewitness to the fact that no riot or anything like one occurred.


There are not just a few bad officers in the DPD -- there are more than that, and some like Quinones are in command.  There is no prospect of relief from the depredations of this criminal gang, because Denver's media and Democratic machine turn a blind eye to all police wrongdoing other than the most extreme cases of unwarranted violence by cops.  Calls for the Federal government to investigate the DPD fall on deaf ears too; not only is Denver firmly under Democratic control, but this is an election year.

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