Rollin Oliver, charged with murdering Celena Hollis, in court this morning

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Gang violence is a hot topic in Denver this summer. This week's cover story, "Flash Point," details the city's plan for cooling it down.

Denver has seen several high-profile shootings in the past few months, and there's been speculation that many are gang-related, including the death of Denver police officer Celena Hollis in City Park eleven days ago. Rollin Oliver, the 21-year-old charged with first degree murder/extreme indifference in connection with Hollis's death, was in court this morning.

Oliver waived a formal reading of the charges against him, and the judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for Thursday, August 2 at 1:30 p.m. On that date, prosecutors will attempt to show a judge that there's enough evidence to suggest Oliver committed the crime, and that he should be held without bond, says Denver District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough.

Oliver's defense attorneys could decide to waive that hearing, as well -- or they could ask for a continuance. If it goes forward, however, the lead detective investigating Hollis's murder is likely to testify about the case, Kimbrough says.

Oliver has been charged under the extreme indifference statute. Here's what it says:

Extreme Indifference Statute [C.R.S.A. § 18-3-102(1)(d)]: Under circumstances evidencing an attitude of universal malice manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life generally; (s)he knowingly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to a person, or persons, other than himself, and thereby causes the death of another.

The DA's office has not yet released a photo of Oliver. Investigators urge eyewitnesses or anyone with information to contact Denver Metro Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP [7867]. They particularly want any photos of the crowd.

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Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

You really are an ignorant racist, aren't you? The majority of gangs have ALWAYS been the minorities of the era -- Irish, Italian, etc. It's SOCIO-ECONOMIC, your blind racist hatred notwithstanding.

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Did you count all the Italian Mafia as White gangs? Did you count all the Irish Mafia as White gangs?

The Spleen
The Spleen

 Hopefully that will be "Thug Life in Prison with No Parole" very soon.


Like your story on Celena. Hate Westword didn't stop to really look or investigate that Denver has a real problem here with gang violence which goes beyond two gang sets "Crips & Bloods" (which for some reason your editors choose to highlight these two sets using their colors) they not think for one second that I that cover would make those two sets boast now that you've highlighted their colors ? Denver has White, Hispanic, and Asain gangs through out Colorado (not just nthe inner cities).

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