Super PAC poll: Obama doing better in Colorado than other swing states

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Barack Obama.
A poll released yesterday by a pro-Obama organization shows that voters, well, generally like the President more than Republican challenger Mitt Romney across five key swing states.

And breaking down the data further shows that folks in Colorado appear to support Obama and dislike Romney at percentages higher than the average of the five states as a whole.

Granted, we need to take these findings with a grain of salt. After all, the research was commissioned by a Democratic super PAC: Priorities USA, a group that has funneled a lot of money into Denver television ads.

Yesterday, Priorities USA sent out a "research memo" with results from polling conducted in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The results, the pollsters say, reveal that Mitt Romney's business experience is "much more of a liability than an asset in key swing states."

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The surveys, conducted by Democratic groups Global Strategy Group and the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, were based on over 3,800 total interviews with likely voters between June 25th and July 3rd, according to Priorities USA.

Across these five swing states, 37 percent of voters said that Romney's business experience at Bain Capital makes them less likely to vote for him, while 27 percent say it makes them more likely to vote for him, according to the survey. The research also found that 58 percent of voters in these states "now say it is true that as a businessman, Romney's priority was making millions for himself and his investors, regardless of the impact on jobs and the employees." (Remember -- it's a partisan poll!)

And in all five of these states, more voters have an "unfavorable view" of Romney than a favorable one -- with the average being 36 percent favorable and 43 percent unfavorable.

While a poll backed by a super PAC might not be incredibly revealing, we asked Priorities USA for stats specific to Colorado. The numbers provided to us suggest that this swing state appears to lean even more toward Obama in regard to these questions.

As the campaigns and the organizations fundraising for them continue to pour money into the swing states, it'll be interesting to keep watch of how close the margin is in Colorado relative to the other critical states. (Obama won Colorado in 2008, but the state went Republican in 2004 and in 2000).

Page down to get more details about the poll and its results.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, JayG2. Appreciate it.


this poll smells like a carp about the third day left on the beach full of maggots and flies


Screw Bill Maher and his poll. I'm so sick of seeing his name when I'm online. Nobody outside of the left gives a rat's ass about hollywood punks like him.  

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