Top 25 mug shots of June 2012

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Big photos below.
The alleged (and sometimes convicted) models for this month's mug shot roundup are a varied bunch, with the most serious criminals appearing with a guy whose energetic dancing may have introduced the world to his special place and a man who designed a shoe camera so he could photograph up women's skirts. See them all below, and be sure to click the links to check out our original coverage.

charles wrenfrow mug shot.jpg
Charles Wrenfrow.
Read more in "Charles and Michelle Wrenfrow accused of turning tow business into chop shop."

james henry bratt mug shots.JPG
James Henry Bratt.
Read more in "James Henry Bratt: Meth, ankle monitor and fatal stabbing of James Bidgood."

juanita kinzie mug shot.jpg
Juanita Kinzie.
Read more in "Juanita Kinzie sentenced for killing son Caleb Pacheco, hiding body under trailer."

andrew simpson mug shot.jpg
Andrew Simpson.
Read more in "Andrew Simpson at bar before hit-and-run that killed DU's Masoud Bahramisasharif?"

nate webster mug shot.jpg
Nate Webster.
Read more in "Nate Webster, ex-Bronco: Twelve years for sex with assistant coach's teen daughter."Page down to see more from our top 25 mug shots of June 2012 collection.

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