The top ten posts of 2012 (so far....)

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We're halfway through the last year of our lives. So what were all of us reading on the Latest Word?

Out of the 1,804 or so posts published on Latest Word, here are the ten most popular of 2012. Those of you with a Latest Word elite membership will recognize many if not all of these headlines...

...while many of you will cringe to see a few familiar characters pop up. Yes, Sydney Spies and her risque yearbook photo (and aspiring acting career), Tim Tebow and Kyle Dyer. And just to throw some salt in it, the romantic who sold his motorcycle on Craiglist so he could finance an upgrade to his of her, anyway. Here's the top ten.

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10. Man selling motorcycle on Craigslist to pay for wife's boob job

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Here's the first photo that Durango High School yearbook editors refused to publish.
9. Sydney Spies's yearbook swaps sexy photo for ID shot, mom to file complaint

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8. Photos: Top ten "You know you're from Colorado when..." punchlines

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