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If you thought Sharper Image invented the concept of marketing seemingly ingenious items no one would actually use in real life, think again. We stumbled upon an amazing 1950s-era catalog from a now-defunct mail-order biz called Sunset House that's absolutely overflowing with wonderfully unnecessary gadgets, doodads and more. We've chosen ten ads for products that have only gotten funnier with the passing decades. Count them down below.

Number 10: Perfect hair -- that no one can see!
You've spent hours cementing your hair in place: Firing it in a kiln couldn't have more effectively solidified your coiffure. But what if a hurricane, a tornado or some other natural disaster kicks up? What to do then? Tie it up in this fabulous Glamour-Wrap, which will keep every strand where it's supposed to be. Sure, you'll look no different than if you'd swaddled yourself straight out of the shower. But you'll feel more confident, because you'll know the difference!

glamorous hairdo protection.jpg

Number 9: Whack that ball in the eye!
This ball is advertised as weakening your opposition, but it's just as likely to weaken your bowels -- unless, that is, the idea of hitting an eyeball with a piece of wood or metal gives you a secret thrill. In which case we have some therapists you should consider seeing.

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