Photos: Ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s

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Number 8: Block that nasty sun with something transparent
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the idea of a visor that it blocks the sun, rather than allowing it to shine in your eyes? Apparently, this notion didn't occur to the innovators behind the See-Through Visor. Although maybe I'm not giving enough credit to the much-ballyhooed "rigid shield of high quality plastic." Which gets me kinda hot just thinking about it.
see through visor.jpg

Number 7: Smells a lot worse than another dog's butt.
Okay, let's get this straight, These "wicks" smell bad enough to keep your pooch away from your garden -- but they're recommended for use indoors? If only they came with nose-ready clothespins for humans in the vicinity....

dog wick spots.jpg
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