Alfonso Carrillo indicted for selling homes he didn't actually own

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Big photos below.
According to an indictment on view below, Alfonso Carrillo portrayed himself in Spanish language media and elsewhere as a savior for Latinos who wanted to own a home but were crippled by bad credit -- and sure enough, he put a roof over plenty of people's heads. Problem was, the clients didn't realize that roof, and everything else, allegedly belonged to someone else.

The scams, said to have involved numerous companies, including America's Home Retention Services, as well as the handiwork of accused cohort Rudy Breda, were plenty complicated -- hence an indictment that's more than thirty pages in length.

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A graphic from America's Home Retention Services.
Among other things, the document says Carrillo would gain access to empty houses, then "sell" them to people desperate to get their own place, accepting as payment cash, services or even the titles to cars.

Good deal? Not exactly -- because prosecutors say the paperwork buyers signed was bogus, and Carrillo didn't actually own the properties. Indeed, he apparently gained access to some of them only because Breda, his right-hand man, would sneak onto the properties without permission and change locks or lock boxes placed there by the actual owners.

Nevertheless, the unsuspecting buyers would move into the homes in question, often spending money to fix them up, only to be evicted when the legitimate owners showed up. The result: Plenty of people were out thousands of dollars they were in no position to lose.

Carrillo and Breda are the ones facing a deficit now. Each of them are charged with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, plus a slew of theft, burglary and criminal trespass counts -- eighteen total for Carrillo, ten for Breda. But at this writing, they have not yet turned themselves in, presumably because they don't want jail to be their new address.

Look below to see photos of Carrillo and Breda, as well as the aforementioned indictment.

alfonso carrillo.jpg
Alfonso Carrillo.

rudy breda.jpg
Rudy Breda.

Alfonso Carrillo Indictment

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