Photos: Andre Iguodala illustrated man in Nuggets comic, Foot Locker ad

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nuggets comics cropped vertical.jpg
Comics-plus below.
New Nugget Andre Iguodala met the press yesterday, and pretty much every word out of his mouth -- including his interest in a long-term deal -- reassured fans that the move was a positive one. And the Nuggets have wasted no time in promoting their latest star, featuring him in a wacky new comic entitled Adventures in Nuggets Nation along with Kenneth "Manimal" Faried and the rest of the crew. Episode one of the weekly comic arrives at the same time as a Foot Locker ad in which the other AI is illustrated, too. See both below, and read the transcript of his introductory press conference. The results are a net-plus.

nuggets comics 1.jpg

nuggets comics 2.jpg

nuggets comics 3.jpg
Page down for the rest of the comic, plus the Foot Locker ad and press conference transcript.

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@PrincePickaxe I busted out laughing when I saw Gallo and Mozgov

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