Anti-civil unions lawmakers: Fight Back Colorado asks which should be sent packing

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Fight Back Colorado, a group devoted to defeating lawmakers in November's election who voted against a bill to legalize civil unions, is soliciting input on exactly which lawmakers to target. The campaign has launched a survey called Send 'Em Packin' that asks supporters to pick their three least favorite lawmakers from a field of sixteen by clicking on their headshots and dragging them into virtual suitcases. Not surprisingly, all sixteen are Republican.

"We wanted it to be interactive and we wanted it to be fun, but the bottom line is that we want people's input and feedback," says Roger Sherman, Fight Back Colorado's treasurer. "We've said all along that there are a lot of folks across the state that are angry (because the civil unions bill died.) We're trying to harness that energy and harness that anger and...make it fun for people to participate."

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Fight Back Colorado
The sixteen potential targets include House Speaker Frank McNulty, who was the subject of vitriolic Tweets after civil unions died during a May special legislative session. Several lawmakers earned a spot on the list by voting "no" on the bill, while others landed there because they flip-flopped, according to descriptions provided by Fight Back Colorado. Representative Don Coram is a possible target because he "voted 'no' on civil unions in the 'kill committee' despite having a gay child," Fight Back Colorado explains on its website.

Sherman says the group isn't sure yet how many legislators it will end up targeting, and he's not revealing any particulars about its strategy. In addition to the survey, he says Fight Back Colorado is doing its own research. "We'll take into consideration the input we get and we'll line that up with the other analysis we're doing on each race to see where we can be most effective," he says. "We'll be real targeted and strategic."

Sherman expects Fight Back Colorado to name names "in the coming weeks."

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Make a contribution to his opponent GARY SEMRO, Colorado House District 43, Highlands Ranch, & get rid of the WORST  Speaker in modern or call 720-641-1700 !!!

Donna Shegonee
Donna Shegonee

Yes especially they intentionally circumvent the process. I am tired of our lawmakers or what ever you call them deciding they are judge jury and executioner

Natasha Schwertley
Natasha Schwertley

Yes, even though separate but equal is inherently unequal. Full rights for all, period.

Chris Howard
Chris Howard

yes but also these lawmakers stalled the process of democracy so a true vote could not be made that is even more of a reason not to vote for them. It was not just civil unions that did not make it but many other bills. Precious time and public money that were used on those and went to waste.

RobertChase topcommenter

All Republicans and Democrats should be sent packing, in that order.


I'd love to hear these reps explain to a person who is either or has grown up in the foster system, how a family w/ two dads or two moms, is wrong.

Good f#ck*ng luck !

davebarnes topcommenter

Only idiots would actually spend their money based upon this selection method.

Just because I can't stand Frank McNulty does not mean that he is the least bit vulnerable.

You spend your money the way Tim Gill does. Based upon the chance of success.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



You spend your $$$ -- vote with your wallet -- every single day of your life.


THOSE are votes that cannot be ignored, lost, miscounted or rejected.


Boycott the Repiglikkkan / Christian Reich scumbags and any businesses that are owned, operated, associated or supported by them.


Every day.

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