Offensive theater review for closed Aurora Century 16 still on

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Screen caps below.
After the Aurora theater shooting, the Century 16, where a twelve people died and dozens more were hurt during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, closed, and there are very real doubts about whether it will ever re-open. Nonetheless, pages for the theater remain on all the major online movie listings sites we checked, with some entries qualifying as eerie or creepy and this one from coming across as flat-out offensive.

The landing spot, which came up third when I Googled the terms "movie," "listings," "Aurora" and "Century 16," has a user-rating component, and the top review offers five stars -- and some awful-taste text. It reads:

One of the best theaters in the country!!! A midnight showing of Dark Knight surprised the audience with a real life gunman coming in!!!! The realism was great....The only thing that made me mad was that the theater canceled the screening, and didn't provide refunds....

Here's the screen capture:

movietimes screen capture aurora century 16.jpg
Other pages on major national theater sites are less shocking but may still raise eyebrows. Take the page on the website for Cinemark, the company that owns the Century 16, which has not been updated since the day of the attack. As such, it seems as if this "Alert" message, which refers to "last night," is frozen in time:

century cinema screen capture aurora century 16.jpg
Additional sites don't appear to have made any attempt to respond specifically to their Century 16 page, instead allowing automated software to take over. That's not especially problematic in every case, as witnessed by this screen capture from, which includes the line, "Sorry, no showtimes are available for this theater on this date." (Note that this and other screen caps are from yesterday, but the pages remain in place at this writing.)

eventful screen capture aurora century 16.jpg
More troublesome is the default message on the page, which reads, "We're sorry, the theater you selected has not delivered showtimes. We are currently in the process of contacting theater management. Please check back for updated information."

moviefone screen capture aurora century 16.jpg
Should staffers actually reach management at the Aurora Century 16, the conversation might not be particularly pleasant.

The page has a more generic explanation for the lack of listings: "Sorry, there are currently no showtimes available for this theater for the selected date." However, it also loads ads that can lead to unfortunate juxtapositions. This is the one that popped up when we accessed the site yesterday:

fandango screen capture aurora century 16.jpg
Still, the sight of a Dark Knight "Buy Tickets Now" banner on a Century 16 page is nothing compared to the page. We've reached out to the site for comment. When and if we receive a response, we'll update this post.

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Can't wait until the DEA shut down MMJ in Colorado so your useless rag can go away. Sorry not completely useless, I grab a bunch every week to feed to the worms in my compost bin.

Joktan Rogel
Joktan Rogel

You're lecturing the wrong person. I earned an education in Public Affairs Journalism. I went through formal training and was a practicing journalist. Journalists make an educated judgment on what is worthwhile to report on and what isn't. The article was an informative take on how movie sites are listing availability for Century 16, which was worthwhile. The trolling comment added nothing of value to the story.

Cat Tidey
Cat Tidey

It amazes me how we fight for our own civil liberties and freedom of speech, yet continually criticize the media for what they report. If you don't want to hear about it, don't read it or turn it on. It's still you choice, which is a beautiful thing.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


... Still waiting on what Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus are twittering about this tragedy.




That was a really week premiss for a story.  Please stop trying to dig for every and any story angle on the shootings and limit future coverage to new and useful information.


Joktan Rogel
Joktan Rogel

That's great. I'm really thrilled that Westword has decided to give this troll attention by writing a blog post about it instead of just reporting the comment to admins. Much better choice, IMO.


 @IZen that's what Michael Roberts does tho!!!!

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