Photos: The twelve Aurora theater shooting victims (16-27)

gordon cowdown cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Several years ago, Westword created the Mile High Murder archive to track area homicides. Since we began covering the July 20 attack on the Century 16, however, we haven't included our reporting in that category, instead grouping it under several other headings, including our Aurora Theater Shooting archive.

Our approach changes with this post. Look below to see photos of the twelve people who were murdered less than two weeks ago, simply for wanting to watch a movie.

aj boik.jpg
A.J. Boik.

alex sullivan.jpg
Alex Sullivan.

alex teves.jpg
Alex Teves.

gordon cowdon.jpg
Gordon Cowden.

jesse childress.jpg
Jesse Childress.

jessica ghawi photograph.jpg
Jessica Ghawi.
Page down to see more photos of Aurora theater shooting victims.

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